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Red as a Lobster!

The Fair Came to Town

sunny 28 °C


Today we thought for a change we'd get up early! We went to the CNE's TheEx down at the Canadian National Exhibition near Ontario Place on the harbour side. Had the most amazing time and went through lots of piccies on my camera so now all i have is a black and white film and i got a BBQ tomorrow! Anyway back to TheEx, yeah so started off at the main gate thinking its just a fair ground on the Medway until we hit the animal farm! Boring as hell to be perfectly honest, however there was a baby goat who was born on the 28th so was just about 2 days old...it was so cute! Grabbed hold of a free razor for shaving thanks to Chris pointing it out so again didn't have to spend for student needs! Nothing got going until they gave both Chris and I our wristbands, which let us on any ride on the Medway! So we started on the Niagara Falls Log Flume, which was the best thing ever there! Although back home I am used to sitting at the back to weigh the flume up and not get soaked! Not this time or the other time as both times i was sat at the front, had to hold the bars tightly to stop me sliding back into Chris and the second time we had two kids with us so I really had to hold on but then when we went down I slumped forward and nosed the flume into the water and ducked for cover. Chris got soaked...hehe...both times actually! Afterwards, we went on the Crazy Mouse! Yes I was a wee bit iffy about it after my first time at Southport with Dad and Tink but it was fine even though i did get cramp in my leg as i was squashed in because of my huge legs. Luckily I wasn't the only one as another guy was sat next to me and he was squashed but didn't get cramp! Then went on this huge slife like on Brainiac (Tink might know what I am on about) and I beat Chris to the bottom with my aerodynamic skills. Chris just called me a heavy guy and that the weight pulled me down quicker! But I won so there! The Ferris Wheel was good and got some nice shots of the skyline and the harbour and Lake Ontario itself! Well Chris did i got to wait for mine to be developed. Hotdogs for brunch again so really living the student grub so far!

Came to about half 1 when we went on some whirling thing and as we were "whirling" we were dancing to Grease "We go together like....blah blah blah" I think we freaked a few people out by doing that! Had a show at 2pm in the Ice Rink. It was amazing people on ropes, swings and well...ice... Then as I got out i realised I was as red as a lobster! My neck, arms and face went bright red. Walked around the other side of the new stadium being built for Toronto FC (Also a new team to Major League Soccer) and we stumbled across an outlet store and check this it was buy one item and get 2 more items of the same value or less for free! So got myself a gym hoodie as Chris got some skirts for $15 so to my maths that is $5 each so good value! I love shopping in Toronto as we accidently find these places and its cheap!

Went to watch the Hollywood Song Show featuring: Top Gun, Grease, The Bodyguard, Titanic, Footloose, Staying Alive, Chicago, Men In Black, Rocky, Back to the Future and loads more! Was great as I think we were the only ones dancing in the crowd and singing along too! The other tourists were being boring!

So, after all that it was just gone 5:10pm so we called up Giulia to see what was going on and we were invited to a BBQ at her hostel for $3 but it was well worth the money....and the wait! Pretty much after that we were playing cards til about half 10. Was good as there was: Giulia, Reb, Chris, Louise (Australia), Joyce (St Kitts and Nevis) and another girl from Austria but I didn't quite catch her name and then myself! Was a good night! Now I'm back here in the hostel with a red neck smothered with savlon and once again on the floor (only 2 more nights).

Got to go to university tomorrow to finish off my health insurance and catch up with Stephen Swales about our course modules and this time we will do it! Not long to go before I start my courses!


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Change Of Plan!

Something Different For a Change!

sunny 24 °C


Well, what did we have planned for today?

  • UHIP (Sort out health insurance)
  • Go to the Toronto Islands
  • Go to the quiz night at the Canadiana Hostel (Giulia and Reb)
  • Have a decent meal (Chinese)

Actually didn't do a single thing on that list! Instead we:

  • Had Hotdog for breakfast outside university
  • Went to a laptop shop as Chris' laptop charger plug was blown
  • Had 1/4 chicken, fries and apple juice for a meal
  • Watched The Full Monty in the film room at the Canadiana Hostel

So really bit of change plans for the day! We didn't to the Toronto Islands as Ryerson have something planned there annually so we are going on Friday after we moved into Neill Wycik! So still got time to go there and have some bevies (seems like after every exchange meeting we are heading off for bevies!)

The Full Monty was good (forgot just how good that film was) sat in the cinema at the Canadiana but the seats were aeroplane seats and it was really cool. Then Chris and I chilled with Giulia and Reb in their room for a while. Seriously can't wait to move into Neill Wycik as then taxi fare will be cheaper if we go out as a group of four instead of me and chris getting taxis here and there and saving like a 45 minute walk each time between Giulia and Reb's place and our's. Had a great view of the CN Tower as we left G and R's tonight and it was a clear sky today so we could see clearly and all the way to the top!

Got an email from Layla and yes her worse nightmare happened! She is sharing a room with...wait for it... yes a cheerleader!!! But her whole flat is made up of sporty people from lacrosse to "soccer" etc and the one cheerleader.

Anyway hopefully going to go to the Ex tomorrow as it will be sunny (hopefully) and its a day out so better load some new film in my camera now before I forget!


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First steps at Ryerson!

Sorting things out!

overcast 19 °C


So yeah today was the day I set foot in my new university and its big! Maybe not as spread out as Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), but its big enough to get lost in! Got sent around the damn thing looking for my UHIP forms which chris found about 10 hours later in our welcome packs!

Chris lost her Hotdog in Toronto virginity and it was some good hotdog, however the guy was kinda rude to her which was a surprise as everyone seems to be so polite to the point it is scary!

Tried to open a bank account too today but I couldn't as I dont have a permenent address as such just yet so when I get my timetable and I move in Neill Wycik I can phone up and hopefully arrange this all out!

So met up with Giulia and Reb today just as Chris and I made our Canadian television debuts! Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were doing alive interview thing at City TV and we saw the crowds and went to investigate and I caught a glimpse of the TVs outside and as they were zooming out I saw me and Chris there! We went back to their hostel and it is so much nicer than ours with cinema, proper fitted kitchen, outside patios with decks, events, laundrette and everything! We got nicer beds, well Chris does anyway. Tried some of Chris' cooking today and we had noodles with fried chicken, vegetables...yes bit of green with onions and a honey and garlic sauce! Was really scranny. We decided to play cards on the decks and we had a laugh playing Cheat and a new one called Presidents and Arseholes (Lovely Aussie Humour!) I won...beginners luck so I was the president and Reb lost so she was the ********. You got it right?

So after day 4 in Toronto I have:

  • Almost been run over 5 times (They drive on the wrong side here and I keep forgetting!)
  • Been on TV
  • Been to Uni
  • Tried Canadian Beer (Mostly rubbish compared to home...the guinness is nicer though!)
  • Been to church in a different language
  • Been drunk...with a hangover
  • Not had a decent breakfast (BBQ Chicken, KFC, Hotdog)

Been very eventful!


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Losing My Religion!

Weird experience number 1

overcast 18 °C


Woke up today around half 8 this morning after a heavy night drinking (not to be done for a while now) so still recovering from a major hang over!

Decided to help Chris today by going to church with her which was interesting as I was the only non chinese person there and the service was in cantonese too! The only word I recognised was.......... "Amen" and when singing the songs from the projector screen I could only recognise " ! . , : ; 1 2 3 etc" It was rather amuzing as it was the quietest moment of the trip for me as I was quiet for the whole service!

Had KFC for breakfast! Very student-esque was nice too! Going out later in search of PATH and an umbrella for chris! Later we went down to the Harbour Front at night and the view was great! Chris and I were there from 9:00pm - 12:30am (it was around 11:00 when Giulia and Reb turned up. We just chilled out and relaxed starring out to the Toronto Islands which was really the other side of the harbour! The lake itself was huge and I mean this lake makes our lake district look like I puddle in the gutter! Chris and the girls loved it when this one yacht kept coming in to drop people off and they couldn't stop starring at the men in uniforms! Felt like a spare part in the group but I was too busy with my camera looking up and down the front of the harbour and across to Toronto Island Airport!

Probs check in later after seeing the sites again tonight


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First full day!

sunny 24 °C

Well it's my first full day here in Toronto and kinda started really early (6:30am) surprisingly for me but then again I couldnt really sleep on the floor as we ended up with a double bed instead of two singles but it is only for a week!

Had cold BBQ chicken wings for breakfast. It was proper scranny! so to kill time we ate them sat in the local park about 50 yards from the hostel and watched the black squirrels running all over the place and the pigeons attacking each other!

Around 12:30 we met up with Giulia and Reb again to go around Yonge Street and take a look around! Ended up coming back six hours later with a pillow and duvet for my flat at Wycik but still missing the bottom sheet for my bed! However during that six hours we discovered the underground tube system, street cars (Metrolink tram system back home) and we walked along the Harbour front with all the tall boats and yachts and finally got our glimps of the CN Tower...Its huge! So is the Rogers stadium where the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball! A huge explosion noise went off in the city but had no idea what it was! There was no panic so nothing to worry about. Just sat in the kitchen typing this out before we meet up with that dynamic Aussie duo for a night out looking for the local pubs and bars!

So I guess my next entry will be tomorrow! Another night on the floor...bring it on!


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I'm finally here!

rain 16 °C


Well I'm finally here and already my phone isnt working so I think I will have to get in touch with my operator and find out why! So sorry for keeping you guys on hold about getting in touch!

It was a long 7.5 hour flight but got through three films, scenic views of Greenland at 32000 feet, which was amazing seeing all the glaciers and snow topped mountains and then we landed!

Chris almost sprained her ankle by falling down the curb....silly woman! We got a taxi from the airport to the Downtowner Inn, which luckily for us is less than 5 minutes from Neill Wycik where our flat is! Already found our local 24/7 store and will be there quite a while as its cheap too!

Went exploring up yonge or gerrard street and didnt get lost...how clever are we? Then we met up with Giulia and Rebecca (Two Australian girls who are taking part in this exchange too).

So to sum it all up it was probably the first of many fun 29 hour days!


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