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So Are You Like From England?

Bless Those Canadians

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Had an early lecture today (9am - 10am) and the rest of the day off! Woohoo! So like any student, I spent it in the pub, for lunch. I met up with Louie around half 1 at his and we went to the Rams for pub lunch...yum yum... We bumped into Yana (a girl we met in our first week in halls) and we chilled with her and some of her flat mates and friends. Was good, two englishmen surrounded by Canadians and the odd Yankee but it was all the same "wow, you're English?" and "Oh My God, I want your accent". To be honest I would be quite scared for a girl to have my accent especially a guy's accent! So it was a good laugh as the whole teaching slang words and how one word here means another there etc, etc. It ended up that Louie and I played pool until 5ish and watched United beat Celtic in the Champions League. The crazy thing is watching a live night time game during the middle of the afternoon.

So anyway, we went back to Louie's (just him and me as the girls had lectures just to clear things up) and we chilled around with his flat mates got some food at his downstairs and then we went out to grab some DVDs (40 Year Old Virgin & Saw 2) as we were gonna have a film night just Louie, Katherine, Tara and myself and thought Saw 2 would do the job. In fact we ended up watching 40 Year Old Virgin and it was Louie, Katherine and me until about half way through when some of Lou's flat mates crashed in too.

So movie finished around half midnight and Kat and I left Lou's to get some sleep as we are in at 10am tomorrow so we are having a Foosball tournament at Lou's and his whole floor, which will of course involve alcohol and drunken moments and then we will be ready with the digital cameras for blackmailling opportunistic (i think i just made that word up) pictures.

So off to bed now and grab some sleep before lectures


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Surf's Up!

Hawaiian Night at Mc Nastys

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Well, where do I start? Had a great night last night as I was on a high from playing basketball for the first time in like 6 weeks and it felt so good! Short lived however as I missed out on the university team by one position. They called out the team and I was kind of in a reserve section maybe just incase someone can't do it or the whole squad like get a disease or something along those lines.

So yeah, back to this Hawaiian night. I was the only guy in a skirt, which freaked a few people but the Canadians loved it. It was meant to be $1 beer night too but that never happened! We did however have a limbo competition to win a winter jacket as the guys couldn't be bothered choosing a winner for fancy dress as really there were 4 of us (Louie, Tegan, a Kiwi and Myself) but I went the extra mile with the skirt! So limbo time it was and Luke won that but he won't be around really to enjoy the winter weather unlike me!

So all in all it was a great night. Got lots of pictures so check the website.


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Latest Picture Update!

Back on the Picture Diary

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I don't know why I called it a picture diary as it will just be a collage of pictures from everyone's cameras and mine when I get mine developed!

So September is off and away and August, I still need to get photos for August like from the Ex and Harbour Front. But if you want to see all the pictures well you may just have to wait until I get home otherwise I will run out of space on my website!

So Hopefully if I hear from Glenn Taylor I may have basketball trials today before I go out tonight for a Hawaiian night downtown, which the exchange guys have sent us numerous emails about plus its $1 a beer. Unfortunately for me, I am in at 9am tomorrow morning so not a heavy night again!

But just thought I would let you guys know that the first lot of pictures are on my site so you can all see Toronto too!


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Welcome to the Show

The 49th Annual Ryerson University Parade

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I'll write this even in here instead of doing it twice (one for Ryerson too) as it did kind of take up the whole day!

Started off early...surprisingly for a student and met up with the other exchange students at around 11ish but I was already there as I was waiting for Louie to turn up for a kick around....he didn't... So met the exchange guys, bought our ferry tickets there and I picked up my Ryerson Rams footy training shirt, which I wore with pride as we walked (well Paraded) down Yonge Street and just taking in the sites and the atmosphere! I am the only exchange student who is taking part in sporting teams! So we met a few University of Toronto students on corner streets and exchaging words and we started a water fight with them...we won as we were the only ones with water!

It was one party from start to finish it was packed on the ferries there and we were chanting with the cheerleaders and the engineering faculty (noisy sods) and was just a great. You couldn't move on the ferry it was that packed.

We got to the islands about 10 minutes later and we all got off and this woman tried ripping me off when i bought a slice of pizza and she was saying I only gave her a $5 note where I actually gave her a $10, silly women! Got body searched when going into the main area and had all my water bottles taken off me but atleast it was weight off my shoulders as i was carrying around eight bottles of the stuff! Christabel, Reb, Katherine, Chowny, Luke, Louise and I decided to go and explore the islands and was going to do it by bicycles, however the rental place was on the other side of the island so we walked it instead. We later realised it wasn't that far in the end. We found a beach...yes a sandy beach like on the coast and it was weird as you had the feeling of being by the sea yet it was fresh water as Chris and Reb accidently splashed me when they were paddling. Bumped into a Danish guy there who was also on the exchange with us so he stuck around with us until we went back to Toronto mainland and we walked all the way back via Dairy Queen for an icecream in PATH. The girls lost Luke, Chowny and myself so we ended up spliting up!

Had to have a quiet and early and SOBER night as I had footy the next morning and decided to chill on the roof again (without the bugs this time) and watch the electrical storm over the northern suburbs of Toronto.

Ended up in bed around 10pm (which is very early for a student) but then Louie and John (Both from MMU Geography) came up. Christabel let them in and they didn't realise I was in bed so they decided to stay and have a chat for about 10 minutes before they buggered off!

Anyway I'll finish off here


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In The Black! A Student? Never!

I'm Rich!

18 °C


Finally got to open my bank account today at the Bank of Montreal or the BMO for short! To open it I deposited some cash as i forgot my travellers cheques. So my balance is a huge $5.00. On the brightside, it is a plus figure and not a negative figure!

Had football practice today as well so starting to feel fitter already even though all day my muscles were sore. So chilled out tonight and had a nice night on the roof with Katherine with huge slices of pizza. A few Canadians came over and finally someone was loving my English accent. The girls loved it and they all wanted an english accent. So Kat and I were talking for hours just laughing and joking and teaching the canadians all sort of slang and vice versa to Jaclyn, Darren, Alex (girl), Dev and another girl who I didn't quite catch her name but it was cool.

We had Ali G walking the streets around Ryerson as he had some premier there in the Quad! All this was to start the Toronto Film Festival here, which goes on until the 17th so got to get some tickets for this place.

So back to the roof. Everything was going great until one of the girls noticed this beetle looking thing on the floor. It wa huge. We were all watching it on the floor as it hobbled along and then it turned towards us and then paused for a minute until it opened its huge wings and started flying at us. We all s*** ourselves and legged it to the other side of the roof deck! Girls screaming the lot. Even security came up as they saw us leg it from the tables and he checked it out and just left it. Then it started at us again so we waited until it landed before we ran back to the tables again. It was well scary!

Anyway better go as I'm up early for a kick around in the Quad before we go marching down Yonge Street so night night!


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Big Brother!

Housemate Numero 4!

17 °C


Day 4 in the Neill Wycik House! David and Christabel are introduced to housemate number 4. Raul from Jamaica and he has my studio room! Fully furnished the lot! Man I'm jealous! Anyway so he sounds like a cool guy! So still waiting for the last member to turn up! If she is a no show we might just grab Katherine who has until Wednesday to find somewhere. However she has been put top of the waiting list at Pittman.

To be honest I am really nervous now as I start university tomorrow at the joyful time of 8am or 1pm for you guys at home then I got a good 4 hours gap so will have to go to the store and grab my food and stuff as I have like a carton of juice, tub of icecream and a loaf! Toast for morning breakfast.

Anyway watched my first Canadian Football game today on TV. The Toronto Argonauts Vs Hamilton Tigercats. Close game at half time 5 - 3 Toronto so was good fun to watch. That good I can't remember the final score! Searched the Internet for Maple Leafs tickets and pre season games are available but can only grab hold of 1 ticket at a time and they cost $207 + tax + process fee so too much for poor little David here.

Anyway have to go and get some sleep as I'm up early tomorrow morning!


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Bank Holiday


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Well it's bank holiday here in Canada and all the interesting places are closed such as the beer store! Still got the planes flying around for the airshow down ontario place.

Went up to the roof deck last night with the gang! Had some great views from up there at night! Also bumped into housemate number 3 (me and chris being 1 and 2) and her name is Jen and she is from Brampton! Very shy girl but we did meet her last night with the aussies round too so there were 6 of us in the loung playing cards when she came in so bless her!

Heard last night about Steve Irwin too and out of all the animals that could have killed him it had to be a stingray.

Thought kick start the year healthily by going to the gym here at Wycik! Its free and it's okay I guess for general fitness and weights but for me I'm more cardio work out for the moment! May join the RAC gym at Ryerson too for like $30 per term! Cheap still!

Anyway not really done much else today so guess i'll catch up another time


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Hurricane Alert!

Too Late!

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Yes my first hurricane experience.....well tail end of it so all its doing is chucking it down with rain! Actually I think it has stopped now! Never mind! Anyway I lost my internet connection so doing my blog for yesterday now plus I was out from like 11 - 1 the following morning! So yeah, was on this orientation/scavenger hunt with uni, which was nice. Got lost in the rain and came back 2 stone heavier as we all wore jeans and thick cotton hoodies. We were also underground most of the time so to get soaked like that you can imagine to rain. Heard we had flash flooding up north. Hey at least I can't get any more sun burnt whilst its cloudy and it was raining!

So after the scavenger hunt went back to Katherine's hostel (Katherine is from MMU too) and just started talking and having a laugh and had pre-party drinks at her bar! We headed off to Montana where we were meant to find out who won the scavenger hunt earlier but everyone was too drunk to remember so carried on drinking! Yes mum I know my poor liver but it is freshers weeks so the drinking will be cutting down!

So yeah pretty much it was scavenger hunt, getting soaked and then getting drunk! Sounds like a good day.

Woke up today (sunday) and Chris made me a fry up to cope with the hangover...bless her, she's a gem at times! So i now owe her one meal some time! Its just like last year at student village. No-one has moved in we don't think! We haven't seen anyone in our flat and just like last year there is pots, pans, and ...... food left in the fridge, freezer and cupboards! SCORE!

Anyway I now gotta do some shopping to brighten up this place andc plus I need to get some loo roll and I'm dying to go too.

Ciao for now


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Beer Beer Beer!!!

Drinking is what a student does best!

overcast 17 °C


Just got in from my night out with the exchange gang! TGhe only problem was that no one knew where they were! They didn't turn up! So Louie, John and myself had a 6 hour booze up at the Rams at the Rye! Also asked about jobs there and there said yeah just drop in a cv etc so me and Louie might end up working at the bar! So had loads of beers, fries and played lots of pool. I think it worked out as England 5 Vs Rest of the World 3 so we kicked major ass!

Met two crazy girls there too. They were freshmans too doing stuff I can't remember but one girl was half russian and hald israeli so naturally after a few drinks I tried to speak some Russian and actually got somewhere with it!

Now it's 1:30am and I still have to unpack my duvet and stuff for my bed plus I have an orientation thing tomorrow with a scavenger hunt around Toronto, sounds really cool.

Anyway off to bed now


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Sweet Home Neill Wycik!

Well not really!

sunny 22 °C


Finally get my own bed tonight! Moved into Neill Wycik was painful but oh well I guess things like this happen! Flat is okay I guess. It is only one year don't forget so have to go poster shopping!

My room is a fair size! Nothing special, not even a wardrobe!!!! No hangers either!!!! So until I buy some it will have to be living out of the suitcase again.

Someone else has moved in with us but we haven't seen them yet! Pretty much it's you get what you pay for! Cheap! So give it some time and I'm sure it'll grow on me! Cant get access to the internet there just yet as they ran out of cables so I will try my wireless as when i finally got everything in my room Chris and I had to leg it to orientation!

Orientation was good and my other blog for Ryerson will tell you all about it! Anyway I'm going to have to run off now as I'm heading out to Rams tonight with Kat and Louie and my hour is almost up at this cyber cafe and Chris wants her pizza!


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