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Finally....A Result!

Blue Jays Vs Red Sox

overcast 18 °C


woke up fully refreshed after a good 7 hours sleep and up and in the mood to give the Blue Jays a second chance at the Rogers Centre. This time they were home to the Boston Red Sox. Luke, Chowny and I were once again sat in the clouds in the 500 stand but for $8.92 we were going to complain!

Finally, after 3 and a half hours the Jays won 13-4. This time the game wasnt boring at started off a close game until the bottom of the 5th when the Jays brought 4 home.

Got back around half 5 and found out that Christabel's room will have to be fumigated (she had bites on her throat). Poor girl was in tears when I turned up. So with her staying at Reb's for obvious reasons, I now have all her stuff in my room until it is safe to go back into her room!

Party time again....well just a few friends for some cake! This cake was huge and soooooooooo rich. It was nice don't get me wrong but it took everyone ages to each a piece and we all felt sick after it...nice thought...

Anyway it is time for me to catch up with some more sleep so night night.


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Up All Night!

No Sleep For David!

rain 15 °C


Well, decided to pull my first all nighter here in Toronto! So the idea of an early night went out the window. Went down to the basement with Luke and Chowny for a steamer party for four free beers then go to bed! Instead Luke and Chowny went to bed and I crashed Jaclyn's place until 5am....I am meant to be awake at 6:30am to go to Algonquin National Park. So staying up all night with Jaclyn was great!

Anyway best start packing for Algonquin now so I'll catch up when I get back


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On Top of the World!

The Gang Take Over the CN Tower

rain 16 °C


Had a lazy day today! Was in bed until midday, but then again I couldn't sleep last night too much coffee during the day yesterday, which I kind of forgot to mention as well as the rest of the day before Greek Town but oh well.

Had a meeting about camping in the Algonquin National Park at the end of the month for a weekend. So planning to go canoeing, kayaking and hiking plus other stuff! So seems like I'm doing the same thing then as I am doing tomorrow for the day!

Anyway back to today! Went up the CN Tower for free today with the gang so 14 of us walked down to the CN Tower and then went up to both observation decks for free! Yes FREE! We even got to see the whole landscape during the day (before it went dark) and when it was dark! Got some good views even from Vertigo which is a glass floor 1,100ft above the ground.

Otherwise not been upto much else today apart from packing stuff for tomorrows trip to the park so another early rise so another early night for me!


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Signomi! Tha-thela i bira parakalo!

Big Fat Greek Gathering

sunny 17 °C

Yia sou (Hey)

So yeah, decided to find out just how cosmo this place really is! So a group of around 35 of us met at Chester station in East Toronto for a night in Greek Town. So before we began our adventure we were given a phrase sheet as we were threatened that they will only speak to us in Greek! Anyway, We got to this tiny restaurant on Danforth and we were right at the back and all nicely packed together. The place itself was really nice and we all started off with drinks so Mark and I shared a jug of watered down red wine so it was back to when i was like 4 or 5 when I wanted wine and be like a "grown up" but anyway for my main course i had Bifteki, which as it was described as a greek style hamburger stuffed with feta cheese and grilled to perfection! However it was a huge slab of meat with a feta stuffing inside it. One guy kept coming round and starting convos in Greek which was funny because everyone was looking at their phrase sheets but the right answers weren't on the sheet so we were like guessing the answers and luckily I could work out the answers and stuff from my holiday in Corfu! Also through the night we were asked trivia questions about Greece and I won a bottle (empty) so like a flask for camping! So one guy who was with us, Matt was out with a phrase book trying anything and everything for a mess around so after a shot of ouzo, which surprisingly no-one other than me had heard of it, both Matt and I were dancing with the Greek dressed people and then Mark joined in and in the end we all danced off out of the building and then back in as we hadn't paid but oh well worth a try!

Just in case you were wondering the title "Signomi! Tha-thela i bier parakalo" is the correct Greek for "Excuse me! I'd like a beer please!" instead of the last one I put as I used an online translator, which I keep forgetting never works!

Anyway bed time for me so keep reading!


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We're Going This Way, That Way, Forwards and Backwards!

Over Lake Ontario!

15 °C


Well another fun filled day with no lectures. So pretty much wrote up my blog and chatted to some people online from back home and wait for this one.....I tried to tidy my room!

So anyway got to around half 4 when i met Kat to go on this boat cruise via the pizza place under my building before meeting the guys at Ryerson to walk down to the harbour.

Now, we thought it would just be the 14 Ryerson students on this cruise. Well we couldn't have been more wrong! Turns out almost 100 of us on a party boat! So for 4 hours it was one big floating party. Floating off into the sunset with a Toronto Skyline from the lake with the sunlight shining off the skyscrapers, the view was amazing! Then when it was dark all the lights on, searchlights and the whole shoreline was lit up. I think the only downside to the party was that everyone was dancing to spanish music so naturally no-one could understand it and I was singing along and got some weird looks as it was all the Latinos looking at me because they kind of didnt expect someone other than the Latinos to know the songs! I may not have known what I was singing but I knew the words.

Anyway 4 hours later we arrived back in port and the gang (Kat, John, Tegan, Lucy, Marcus, Alex and me) walked up Yonge Street back to Ryerson before we all headed off in different directions. Kat and I decided to grab some coffee but then decided to get hot chocolate, which was really nice and cheap too. Grabbed a hotdog afterwards and then chilled at Kat's in Pitman until around 1:30 before she almost crashed out in the lounge so it was a good night overall!


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Go Jays Go!

Well maybe next time!

overcast 15 °C


Started another week of uni with cancelled lessons on monday thru to friday (apart from a lesson on tuesday). So spent an hour in the library listening to someone go on about all the facilities the library can offer etc. This is going to be a fully packed week for me....of doing nothing!

For lunch I decided to try Sushi!!!! It was so good and not what I expected at all. So I think I might grab some sushi instead of hotdogs now as Christabel says its also healthier so at least she is looking out for me.

Again, chilled at Rams with Louie, Yana and Hollie played some pool and got beaten so badly at it in doubles. Pretty much spent the afternoon there until it was time to go to the Jays game. We all had to meet at Ryerson and then walk down to the Rogers Centre (Sky Dome), which is quite an impressive stadium. The bad thing about it is that they play the wrong sport there...baseball...its so slow! So it seems like one of those American sports where you go with the guys and chill there with beers, hotdogs, nachos, chips (fries) etc and just relax! Matty took the fun to seriously by chanting anything and everything to get at the Yankees and for the most time it was the funniest thing ever! He was so drunk too! After over 3 hours of gametime, the Jays lost 6-3 (over here the home team score is last). Half of us had left before it finished but I wasn't complaining as it was only $7 for the ticket!

So after the game we all headed off in style to Nastys for another tuesday night! It was $1 that night! Well we thought it was. It was $1.25 and you got like a 1/4 pint! So obviously all the Europeans were like what the ...... (I think you can guess the next word!)

So overall an okay day but not the best! So let see what the rest of the week has to offer me!


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Long Weekends!

Still screws me over!

rain 19 °C


well already I am having lessons cancelled due to field trips with other classes so I have finished day 4 of my weekend and man it has been a long long long long long long i can go on forever about this long long weekend. It got to the point I was talking to Lauren (girl from college back home) and I was thinking it was Sunday and she had to correct me a few times.

So yeah, back to classes tomorrow but it is a cover lesson as Steve (professor) is away too so like most of the class won't turn up I can bet on that.

Anyway back to today! Not done that much today really, didn't have breakfast until 3:30pm and then some more food around 6ish and thats has carried me through the day. Went to Rams today to play some pool with Kat, Louie and some of Louie's floor mates and for some strange reason (notice I didn't say random) I was on top form. It must have been the coke I was drinking!

So sorry this is a short entry but its raining outside too so can't go on the roof so I'm just chilling in my room listening to music and writing this blog.

So keep checking the pictures and messages!


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Fun Filled Week!

Let the busy week begin!

sunny 27 °C


Well change of plan for the week! Movie night is now on tuesday 19th at Neill Wycik so I can't go to that as I am at the Blue Jays game with the exchange guys but to make up for it, I am out again with the exchangers to Greek Town. We will be visiting a Greek restaurant where everything is authentic! Even down to people serving in Greek so best bursh up on the Greek....Yasu...good enough! Καλό βράδυ, μια μπύρα παρακαλώ - Good evening, one beer please....should do the job!

Anyway I won't blab on about Wonderland on here too so go back to my website and go to "Out and About Blog" (should be the bottom blog of the three).


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Here, There and Everywhere!

Out at the Docks!

overcast 19 °C


Well again a fun filled day in Toronto on Friday! Had a meeting for camping at 2pm and had to pay for my Toronto Raptors ticket and a boat cruise on Lake Ontario. We also pretty much planned the next week.

Sunday 17th - Wonderland Trip
Monday 18th - Pizza and Movie night (Neill Wycik)
Tuesday 19th - Toronto Blue Jays Vs New York Yankees Baseball
Wednesday 20th - Lake Ontario boat cruise

The rest of the week to rest and recover as also the lecturers are off on field trips with other groups so got almost a free week!

Went to Rams for tea with Luke, Chowny and Louie and we had some food, drinks and played some pool. Chowny went home early for some reason and Luke and I went to Dundas Square to check out Miss Beyonce Knowles live to celebrate the opening of a huge entertainment store called "Best Buy". For 45 minutes Luke and I forced our way through the crowd to the middle to try and catch some pictures but as you can tell on my picture diary that we couldn't. Never mind eh! How many people back home can say they saw Beyonce live for free?

Went back to Rams to find Louie wasn't there so crashed his until we went to the Docks, which was a huge night club on the Toronto Port but it was miles away. We heard we could get buses there from Union Street Station so we walked down there and couldn't see anyone around so we jumped into a taxi and went $13 in the other direction out of town. We were in the line up for about 20 minutes and after more body searches we were in and it was one massive party but because it was an all ages event there were obviously restricted areas for the under age kids so Louie and I couldn't get drunk as we were with Mike and he was 18 (under age here) so we thought it was unfair to leave him so we took turns to go get some drinks and see who else was around by the bars and then a few times together when we found some of Mike's friends so it was a good night in the end.

Crashed again at Louies til 5am just chilling in Becky's room (she has the softest matress for her bed) so the three of us were just having a laugh for 2 hours so got home around 5:15 and got to bed around 5:30am but oh well. So hopefully going to chill tonight on the roof with the bugs again! Grab a pizza and some "pop" and chill up there with Louie, Kat and maybe Luke and Chowny and just relax play cards and take in the views.

So got up this morning (Saturday) at around 11am and helped Chowny get a TV from downtown and carried it home from downtown. Chowny was missing TV so much but when we got it home it had no tv cable so we had to walk to the dolar store to grab a cheap cable. We got one so now Chowny is happy. He logged on to msn to say it worked and now gone off to watch "That 70s Show".

So now I'm just relaxing in my room now until later on when going on the roof all night. But I have to have an early night as I have to be at Ryerson tomorrow morning at 9am to go to Wonderland!

Anyway, keep checking the photo diaries.


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I Came I Saw 2....

....then fell asleep!

overcast 17 °C


Had a great night last night! It was over by midnight as I decided to fall asleep whilst a group of about 6 of us were watching Saw 2

But after about 2 glasses of wine, 10 bottles of smirnoff ice, can of some canadian crap and some dissoronno (however you spell it but its tasted like cherry bakewells) I was quite merry playing knock a door run .... and then jumped into the wrong room thinking it was louie's (his room was 3 doors down).

So anyway up now Friday morning with a 4 day weekend and to kick start my day I have a camping meeting with the exchange guys and then I can chill with the guys (probs Louie, Kat and John or who ever is around until tonight where there is a huge uni thing going on at the docks where all the universities in Toronto will be there and it's just one big party!

Anyway I have this meeting to go to so speak soon


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