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Happy Thanks Giving!

Really It's Just a Christmas Warm Up!

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Well today, its Thanks Giving and I woke up around 1pm as I was up watching James Bond and showing Layla my Toronto pictures and pictures from back home too. So I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find Reb, Giulia and Chris where stuffing the turkey and "lubing it up" as Giulia so nicely put it. Well it was messy rubbing marge on to the turkey. Whilst the girls headed out to the shops to grab some last minute items I was left on turkey watch for the first hour or so. Was fun, spent all that time on my laptop in the kitchen.

So Chris and Layla came back several times to baste it and check up on it so as they were doing that I went out to the quad at uni with Luke to play some catch but with a Canadian Football (It's an American Football really but for the canadian game...and yes there is a difference). I think I also need some practice with the ball before playing properly but I think sometime this week the lads may get together in the quad just to chill and throw it round and stuff and maybe get a mess around game going.

So yeah, came back to watch the turkey again and chill out with Layla and Chris in the kitchen before I made Cauli and Cheese for the meal too.

So when we all got downstairs (Luke, Chris, Reb, Giulia, Louise, John, Layla, Gemma and myself) we had roast spuds, roasted veg, a 17lb turkey, stuffing, soup, loads of bread rolls, cauli and cheese and salad. That was just dinner! We had Ice cream cake, pecan pie and some other cake with a hint of lime, all of which were de-lish with good old custard. After 2 or 3 servings each we still had loads of food left so we all took some home and I mean we still had atleast a third of the food left.

So for my first TG it was good fun. Bit like Christmas as it brought us all together for once. It's actually quite rare getting a big group of us like that to be together for something. So it was nice to chill out and relax with everyone.

Anyway must catch up on my sleep now so keep reading and check out the new pictures in October.


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All Together Again!

Layla Has Come To Town

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Well I missed writing my entry yesterday as Chris and I were in town meeting Layla, who came up from Buffalo, which is a nice surprise as the last time either of us saw her was August 12th, when we had our leavers meal with univeristy friends back home. So coming up to two months since we last met. To be honest it felt weird being together again but on the other side of the world. So we were catching up in Dundas Square where Layla seemed to be blown over by Toronto as she has been used to Buffalo, which obviously is a lot smaller and a lot less like Manchester.

So we all went out to Phoenix, which was a club just down the road and around the corner from where Chris and I stayed at the hostel. The best part of it was that we all got in free! However the jokes did fly out from the girls that I could pass for a gay guy as I was going out with 6 girls (Giulia, Reb, Chris, Layla, Louise and Hilary). Apparently the impression the girls get is if they see one guy with a group of girls then he must be gay!

So a good few hours later we end up back at our place and Chris...bless her again made both Layla and me a bacon butty BMR (Bacon, Rocket and Mayo). It was still de-lish.

Got up late the next morning (Saturday) at around 1ish and after the girls came back from lunch we headed off into town to show Layla the best parts of Toronto (outside the clubs and pubs). So we got some new pictures going round (which you can find in October Picture Diary). Again it was funny as we were acting like tour guides in a city we barely know ourselves.

Got back around 7 ish and just in time for the Toronto Maple Leafs game at home to the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately we lost at home again. It was 2 - 2 after the initial 3 periods and overtime but then it came to sudden death face-offs (similar to penalty shoot-outs (1 on 1 with the keeper) and we lost 2 - 1. Oh well, I guess we can't win every game.

So pretty much an eventful day today and its all Thanksgiving tomorrow and we all have to make a dish and party down. It should be good with nine of us.

Anyway it's late again over here so best be off! Don't forget pictures on the October page and some of them will also be up on the Toronto page as it is really Toronto as well so I thought they belong there two.


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Let The Games Begin!

NHL Ice Hockey Season Begins

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Well the new NHL season started on Wednesday night with the Toronto Maple Leafs at home to the Ottowa Senetors and guess what? We Lost 4 - 1. Chilled at the Rams to watch that game with Louie and the guys from the ILLC whilst playing some pool. The game itself was really bad and you could really tell who supported who in the pub that night.

So after a heeavy day at university on thursday again it was back at the Ram for game two against the Ottowa Senetors but this time it was an away game for the Maple Leafs. So Craig, Louie and I got front row seats at the pub. Anyway we were there until mid way through the second period when Toronto were 4 - 0 up as we got a cab to Maddisons bar (We left part way through the game as they had a huge screen or 12 at Mads but also beore 9pm its 19+ otherwise after 9pm its 21+ so we watched the rest of the game there and the place went crazy after the final whistle as the score ended 6 - 0 Toronto.

So after a pint or two later we moved upstairs to a piano bar. This was the main reason we came to Mads. This one guy called Ryan Luchuck played all night requests. He was amazing the range and variety of music that he knew. Naturally the best music he played was from Britain with Oasis, The Beatles, Coldplay. Then also he pulled out Billy Joel, Johny Cash and then breaking out into "Walking in Memphis" and then bring on the Queen tunes. This guy was sensational and he went on for 3 hours (with breaks which took us to 2am). We got a cab back to Louie's place where we pretty much just chilled down playing xbox, pizza and going on all the different floors and "borrowing" stuff from their common rooms to "pimp" out ours. So they now have 4 sofas, 3 tables, 1 breakfast bar table, and a foosball table (so really we "borrowed" 2 sofas and 2 tables. We were thinking of "exchanging" the tv with the 8th floor but thought not when we almost got caught with a sofa going into the lift. So several hours later (7am) I am back at mine and seeing who was online and giving the Grovetrotters some last minute goodlucks as they have their play-off semi final today and touchwood in the finals for Saturday.

Anyway just thought I'd catch up with people before the heavy Thanksgiving Weekend with Layla coming up from Buffalo and a huge TG party but British and Aussie style! So yet again another all nighter on the record so this is so unhealthy for me but oh well i got a very long weekend to recover!


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And The Rains Keeps Coming!

Not Good For My Cold!

rain 18 °C


Well again I forgot to do an entry last night as I feel asleep pretty much as soon as I got in. Finally went out to get some cough syrup now so hopefully it should be able to die down a bit.

Anyway, went to Mick E Fynns last night for a camping meeting for the weekend after Thanksgiving (TG) into the Algonquin National Park. However no-one turned up (well the people behind the trip didn't, the group of us who do want to go camping did). So a quiet night downtown for a change.

Again the rain keeps falling down. It's been like 3 straight days now so everyone is complaining as usual apart from us Brits. Well we are used to the crappy weather. I don't know if it is just another tail end of a hurricane over the Atlantic or whether it is just bad weather or as my lecturer says "there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes". Finally managed to do his work now as Chris and I finished it off today (Wednesday) as we kind of struggled at first because we had 2 GIS lab sessions back at home and the people in our classes here have had atleast 30 as they are all second year students and GIS is a compulsary unit in their first year. But its all good now and sorted so atleast I got some weight off my shoulder....which remainds me I must go gym and get some weight off my gut.


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Knock Knock Knocking!

I Hate This Cough!

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Well this entry will take the longest to write as this cough is near enough killing me now! It hurts so much when I cough so I think i really need to get some beechams or the Canadian equivilent. Christabel's mum told me to eat fresh figs! So if I get some I'll try that along side the cough syrup. My coughing seems to calm down when I am relaxed and near enough sleeping, but I can't do that all day....sounds ideal and so like Rachel (love you really). Anyway had my Remote Sensing Class today which was 3 hours long but I'm not complaining as such. The workload is heavy but its interesting.

Chilled with Louie most of tonight too down at Rams playing pool (had to adjust to the canadian rules but we kinda adapted them into the english game too) also chilled at his place! I think I am there just as much as the actual residents. Anyway came home a little earlier to do some work ... yes... some work for globalisation. Then thought I should keep everyone upto date with life on the other side of the pond.

Anyway I'm going to try and grab some sleep and give myself a rest from this cough!


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Lazy Days!

Sundays are usually dead here!

all seasons in one day 12 °C


Well like I said earlier, Sundays are usually dead here so not been upto much. Had lunch with Louie at good old Mc Donalds then chilled with him til around 6ish after creating a website for him to put all his pictures on so he has one at http://biglincanada.piczo.com then I went over to Katherine's place to offer some help with one of our MMU assignments in for the 2nd Oct. (I know its today but I was meant to write this last night so still in last night mode). Anyway left Katherine to it as we kinda side tracked several times and I kinda wondered home and fell asleep as there was nothing to do! Got my research for my globalisation assignment which I was up til 4am saturday night trying to download them.

Chris came into my room around midnight to find me flat out on my bed and was wondering what I'm doing! Well I was sleeping.

So yeah today was rather dead and it only seemed to be us Brits doing anything.

Oh well back in uni Monday but luckily not til 3


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Rain Rain Go Away!

Well Atleast I Got Something Done!

rain 15 °C


Well today was kind of miserable and rainy so apart from going out for lunch wit Louie, Tara, Reb and some other people I hadn't met before, which was fun as one was from Britain but moaned a lot about the subway being full of smelly people, which just made me start singing the London Underground Song.

Apart from that I have been doing some research for my Globalisation class and wait for it....again tidying my room! Yes I got that bored I cleaned my room...and decorated it a bit. Still need to get some white tac for putting up some posters and photos. So I have had the music on loud from my laptop, singing along to all sorts, scaring a few people, but its all good fun....for me....

Anyway just thought I would post an entry. I know, not much of one but I just thought you guys (MUM AND DAD) yes you guys might like to know that my room is tidy. Anyway better be going


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Cops!!! Run!!!

Havoc in downtown Toronto.....I didn't do it!

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Well as I am not camping this weekend, we seem to change plans now in a meeting today from this weekend to the weekend after Thanksgiving and only 8 of us are going!

So after that I bumped into Jaclyn on her way to the gym seeing if she wanted to go out sometime. Poor girl has countless assignments week in and week out! Trying to organise some time ti hang out but just my luck she is busy this weekend, goes home next weekend for Thanks Giving and then I am away camping the weekend after when she said she could hang out. Oh well. Grabbed hold of John whilst talking to Jaclyn and when she left for the gym both John and I went to pub for lunch and a few games of pool until Louie showed up and then we went to a pool hall (which works out cheaper than playing pool at the pub).

Now this is where it gets interesting. We decided to go with a group of people to play catch the flag. It's like a game I used to play in Bramall Park (Dad may remember both Jack and I in bin bags in the car after it when we were in cubs). The only differences this time were 350 people, its all downtown and we had a 16 block area. So we all got these cool glow sticks to wear so we could distinguish who was on which team. We had a blue team and a purple team. So all we had to do was grab the other team's flag and run without getting tagged and get to our own territory. We hid our flag so well even I didnt know where it was! But in the end we won 3 - 0 as the cops decided we were getting to noisy and people were calling from inside the York Hotel (which was where the blue team's flag was) there was only a gathering of around 90 of us. Not doing anything out of the ordinary apart running through the main roads almost getting hit by taxis, cars and trucks trying to get this flag and then leg it. So yeah the purple team won 3 - 0 and if the cops hadn't stopped us it could have easily been 5, 6 or even 7 - 0. We just kicked ass. Now we also started in a group which consisted of: John, Holley, Yana, Yana's Boyfriend, Louie, Tara, Mike, Brent, Another 2 dudes and me! but by the end of it only Mike, some guy and I were left. Its just gone midnight here and I think we still would have been playing if we weren't stopped by the cops!

Anyway, this is the end of my day so check this out tomorrow!


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Another Week Over!

But I'm Not Camping Anymore!

overcast 17 °C


Sorry I missed you guys yesterday with an entry but to be honest nothing interesting happened! Toronto Maple Leafs lost to Ottowa 5 - 3 but apart from that was a boring day!

Today though was a full day in uni and come rain or shine or even a fire drill which we had, we can always relay on Dougie to still teach us! That's right! We had a fire drill we left the room and he stopped us in one of the empty wings and carried on lecturing about cross sectional diagrams. Never had that one before!

So had a walk around town with Christabel (who hasn't had any more bites luckily), John and Katherine to kill some time until our next lecture.

During our second lecture (Globalisation in the 21st Century) we were going on about using resources and the lecturer used the term "Bog" you know as in the toilet in some joke he made. Only us brits got it because the Canadians didn't know what a "Bog" was!

So anyway, that lesson finished about 2 and a half hours later so came back to check my emails hopefully getting an email about camping! Well I got one....unfortunately I will not be leaving Toronto at 9am tomorrow morning with ISX as we were 4 people short of a trip. So yeah got a meeting tomorrow now about what are options are for this trip as it is said that this weekend is the last good one we have before the weather turns crappy. So we'll see how that goes tomorrow. If not then I'll be $230 richer in the end!

Anyway off to do some studying....yeah right!


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One down, 11 to go!

I've been here a month now!!!!!!

sunny 17 °C


Well I have officially been in Toronto for one month now so let the parties...well...continue! I completely forgot about it until Christabel (see i do still talk to her mum) mentioned it to me before so we are going out to an Irish Pub round the corner from Wycik so we can atleast crawl home and not get a taxi!

So, in my first month I've done so much it's unreal. However:

  • I am now looking the right way first before crossing the road
  • Been on TV a few more times with the Blue Jays!
  • Lost count of how many people love or want my English accent
  • Learnt Greek
  • Tried Sushi
  • Got an addiction to Hotdogs
  • Got lost on a lake in the middle of Algonquin National Park
  • Been to a free Beyonce concert
  • Been on top of the world!
  • Convinced someone I drink tea with the queen
  • Changed the Canadians opinion on the Brits and that we do everything in style!!!
  • Become a personal Piggy Back Taxi

The list will just keep going on!

Anyway 150 photos taken already so I may need a DVD just for my photos after a year!

Anyway got to finish off some homework so catch up later


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