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So I get up early on Friday (With help from Mum calling me) for a chat, which i preferred as I went into uni early to do my remote sensing assignment which I can now do so I'm a happy chappy.

So whilst on a break from it all I decided to pick up this money gram that mum sent me. Now after 2 phone calls I finally write down where I am meant to go to pick it up. Mum says it is somewhere on Dundas. Well Dundas is that big it has both East and West sections. So guessing that 5 star market kind of sounded oriental so I went west. As soon as I hit the main part of China Town on Spadina I popped into the bank to ask for directions. After a brief search on the net we found it! It was number 2755 Dundas Street West. I asked what number the bank was and guess what they guy said? "We're number 500 Dundas Street West". So I had a long walk to go (80 minutes) in that time I went through China Town, Portugal Village, Andorra Town, Brazil (part of portugal village). I also visited Vietnam, Taiwan and another village (Village of Brockhurst I think it was called). So finally find the place, which was a relief in the end via going around the world in that time. So when I got my money I then decided to get the street car home as it was raining cats and dogs most of the day. So atleast I got my exercise for the day.

Decided to crash Kat's place with John, Luke and Chowny. Carolyn came later on (girl from Kat's floor I think) and by 1am John, Carolyn, Kat and I were left. Kat and I were well and truly merry with god knows how much alcohol but I thought I would celebrate a "not drinking" week so kat has some drunken madness photos on her laptop now especially of her and myself.

Got to today (Saturday) and it was pretty much a lazy day until about 4ish when Kat and I decided to check out Kensington Market just north of China Town. Had so much fun there and Tink, I think this is somewhere you would like to shop too! So much second hand stuff and clothes going cheap etc! Kat was having a great time in there and we were trying on outfits for halloween and stuff. In the space of 2 hours we were dressed for the Army, Navy, Police Force, Disco Divas, Pirates, Hippies, Cowboys and girls and also tried some other stuff.

Anyway I'm off to a party down at Reb's and afterwards Kat and I may check out Spadina to see who else is walking the streets showing off their outfits and stuff. Apparently it should be a fun night tonight.


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Two Months Gone Now!

Its Also Two Months Until Christmas Too!

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Two things now! I've been here 2 months now and its 2 months until Christmas now and minus 5 days until i get home another 5 days before that it is my birthday. Feels weird though, spend the last few months of my teenage years in Toronto...Oh well guess I must be somewhere.

So yeah had my normal lecture this morning followed by a meeting with Alex to discuss what to talk about for this presentation I kind of got myself into on 9th November. I have a five minute slot to talk to a bunch of people about my experience or a particular experience since being in Canada. The only problem was both Alex and I spent 90 minutes going on about our own experiences and that was just the tip of the iceberg. So I still have two weeks to work something out. Also it seems like I will be involved with the exchange program a lot more now with being a rep from both the UK and MMU so I will be meeting some students who will be going to Manchester and some who are just considering about going on exchange etc.

Also had a message on my answering machine here from someone from the pub down the road from where I live asking if I am still interested in potential employment. So I will pop in tomorrow after my test in Dougie's Physical Geography lesson tomorrow morning.

So a round up of my second month here. Well I've had my first Thanksgiving, first Toronto Argonauts (CFL) game, which I also scalped tickets for it. Had our first birthdays in the group (Chowny & Kat), developed a passion for ice hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs, too many drunken moments including on a field trip to Niagara Falls which I will get up on the website asap, pulled more all nighters in the last 3 weeks than in the whole of my life and taken again another 200 photos with both the digital camera and my film camera. I think I will bring home the pictures on my film to be developed as its mega expensive here so i'll do it at home so the Algonquin pictures and up the CN Tower will have to wait until Christmas...sorry guys...

So to some it up things seem to be looking up but don't want to set that in stone.

Anyway I best be getting back to studying for that test.


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A New House Member

Meet Mr Mouse

all seasons in one day 6 °C


So got back in late again from chilling with the lads from ILLC and I was sitting in the lounge messing on my laptop when I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Looking round, I didn't see anything so just ignored it and carried on with whatever I was doing online when I noticed it again. As I turned round i saw a little mouse about 3 inches in length and grey. It was so cute! Lives in the wall behind the cable tv.

So end of that story of our new house mate...Mr Mouse... So now onto the next story. Well after looking still on the internet for on-campus jobs and sent a few CVs off and heard back from one lady who was advertising for youth workers. She said she would consider me as long as I am eligible for work-study. Now this I thought meant do I have a visa allowing me to work on campus (which I do). Just my luck that I am not eligible to work-study jobs on campus as I am not a Canadian citizen...this they failed to tell me in the brochure. After telling the lady who is recruiting my situation now, she is still willing to consider me for a similar position because of my experience (Munich...okay it was a week, but also when I was working at the basketball centre as a ref and a coach so I was working with the younger kids). So not all bad to be honest. Hopefully things will go well when I meet her next week.

Quite happy now, compared to yesterday!


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There Is No Place Like Home...

...Stockport That Is!

semi-overcast 5 °C


Well, I've had a pretty depressing day today. Was in university today and I had a $3.50 fine on one library book which was a week late (for some stupid reason they only let you borrow books for only 2 weeks here). I also hit a brick wall in my remote sensing class as I am really, really stuck on the assignment and whatever people tell me just doesn't sink in and I just get all tensed up inside. I feel like I can't do anything for that unit at the moment and I'm just getting so stressed out about it.

It doesn't help me at all when I am not hearing anything from people about jobs around here either. How the hell they can let exchange and international students work here if only on campus and those jobs go the quickest. Plus we have to apply for that SIN card which takes more time. They really should hold the number of positions open for people who can't legally work off campus. It really does my head in at times. I had to chase up some CVs as I hadn't heard from them and especially the ones on campus are pretty much full. Like Rams for example, I handed in my CV and went back a week later and they told me to come in sometime before 3 to see some Joe guy. I come in and then they say he isn't around try another time. Then he is busy so they give me his number to leave a message. So i go back a few days and then he gets someone else to tell me that they are pretty much full at the moment so try again in the spring. He knew he was full but didn't have the courtesy to actually call me or tell me in person. How much does that suck?

I also found out that because at the moment with mid-term exams going on that nothing is happening so because I am not doing anything socially I am missing home so much and at times I really want to come home and see everyone but I can't for another two months, which now thinking about it really sucks, it really does. God only knows how Chris has coped so long and she started missing home and wanting to go back ages ago.

Oh well, I guess I've lasted this long so only another two months to go so hopefully the time will fly with some fun...woohoo!


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Happy Birthday To You!

...And Happy Birthday To You Too...

overcast 14 °C


Not had an exciting week so far as I didn't get much done during the weekend so everyone was pretty much bored and doing nothing.

I was meant to go to an Oktoberfest event downtown last night (Tuesday) so after talking to some people online last night i thought i'd catch up on some sleep for a few hours (making it around 10 and time to go out). However I woke up and was ready to go out but then realised that it was dark and quite in the flat...I looked at my clock and it said 3:30am (Wednesday morning) so I kind of missed it. I also got the Spanish Inquisition from the exchange guys as they now just expect both Louie and I to be at every tuesday night party. Don't know what Louie's excuse was but we kind of said we would make it up next time and plus we got the whole year here to make it up too.

We had two birthdays today! Both Katherine and Chowny turned 20 today so going to Swiss Chalet for a meal tomorrow night and then drinks afterwards for Chowny and Katherine is with her flat mates at the moment but we may take her out to get slaughtered over the weekend too.

So, just got back from Rams now after a few games of pool and some drinks (of water....silly me forgot my ID so I couldn't drink...suppose it is okay as it gives me liver a rest. We also had an open mic night so live performances from other students. Some were good and some were really really bad as one guy was worse than Alun (Karaoke at Footage...Rachel, Tom, Jack and Dunnie will know who I am on about) but yeah this guy was worse than Alun! It was unreal!

Just checking over my assignment for Global Shift which is in for tomorrow afternoon and I think I got it okay...touchwood... So far I got a C in my Physical Geography assignment which involved doing some GIS which back home we hadn't done as such and had to guess how to do the work (took all 5 of us from MMU to figure it out!), so I wasn't disappointed with that. I also got AA in my two in-class tests so far so averaging out at B/B+ so again I'm happy about that but still got to see about the other units I'm taking here too.

Off to Niagara on Friday for a field trip with Yorkshireman Stephen Swales (GIS teacher) to the falls I think and the nearby wine fields or so he called them. Should be fun and I finally get to wear my big coat as the weather ain't looking to bright either.

Anyway best be off now


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Well An Interesting Weekend

Lazy Days ... Again

semi-overcast 3 °C


I would have written an entry yesterday but when i came in from chilling with Louie this website wasn't working. So anyway had pretty much a lazy weekend doing pretty much as little as possible and just relax all weekend.

Well apart from lazing around the flat most of the weekend I chilled with Louie most of Saturday night having a few drinks with some of his floor mates. One of them had his sister and friends around. So naturally everyone was getting drunk well at least the girls and ben were. In fact they were so drunk that when we came back from Dance Cave (A Club in Uptown Toronto) one of them p'd herself all over the floor. It was quite funny actually that they were that trashed and to be honest they really got on my nerves towards the end of the night.

Otherwise chilling with the guys was a good laugh and now I've just watched 2 films on the bounce "Mr Deeds" and "Roadtrip" so its kinda 2am now so best be off to bed as im in uni at 12 with Chris to do some work before my remote sensing class so night night


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Oh My God It's Snowing!

In October???????????

overcast 6 °C


Well kind of went out last night so I am writing this from university before I start my Remote Sensing Assignment! But yesterday was incredible! It snowed right after my Global Shift lecture but it wasn't heavy enough to stick to the floor. But we had heavy winds blowing it all over the place. Everyone I was talking to on msn at the time went crazy. Craig and Louie ran up and down their floor screamin "It's Snowing!!!!!" then they got told to shut up as some people were studying for mid term exams.

So, yeah, in the middle of October it is snowing in Toronto! It was even a surprise to people who live in Toronto and Ontario as really I've been told that it doesn't really snow this side of Christmas much and if they do get snow it isn't until late November! I'm not complaining though!

So went to watch the Leafs game last night too (man i'm hooked on this sport now) down at the Rams with Craig, Louie, Mike, Brent and Ben (so Louie and the guys from his floor) until the 1st period was out. By the time we got to Madisons mid way through the second period, the Leafs were up 5 - 3. However the game got tied at 6 - 6 after regulation time (after the 3 periods) and still no goals in the over time period. So once again we blew it on one on one face-offs 1 - 2 and everyone was devastated that after being 6 - 3 going into the final period we lost still. Just sod's law I guess.

So went upstairs to the Piano Bar and had another wicked night singing and ... well more singing and at times screaming! This time we even made a song request list for Ryan (Piano guy) and he actually had time to play all but like 2 songs on our list and fit in everyone else's songs. I think this guy won't forget us now as during the breaks we were having a laugh with him and just going on about his music and stuff so he's a nice guy off the piano too!

Anyway late night back so late start today so must get back to doing this assignment!


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Whoops! David Has Been A Naughty Boy!

But I Did Finish My Global Shift Assignment!

storm 15 °C


Well at last I finally finished the assignment for my Global Shift class. Took me a while to first of all pick a country to write the essay on and then as soon as I got started it was pretty smooth flowing. Reason it took so long was that I did the majority of it on Tuesday during the day and decided to take a break....well a 29 hour break (Don't worry I did get some sleep in those 29 hours). But atleast that is some weight of my shoulder so I can now focus on my Remote Sensing Assignments (yes I got two running at once) and another one for Dougie's "Geography and the Physical Environment" class.

Anyway so with all this work and partying going on I also forgot to do my MCP hours for Neill Wycik. I am meant to do two hours contribution to making "Neill Wycik a better place to live" or so it said in the brochure! Anyway I forgot to do my time for September so I now have an extra 2 penalty hours to make up for September so I have 6 hours to do this month (4 for September and 2 for October) Otherwise its a $60 fine and although it's the easy option I can't afford to do that each month! So I have 10 days to complete my penalty hours and then until October 31st to do my hours for October. So I also have to go down to the basement and check out maintainance to see what to do for my hours.

Anyway apart from that and my assignments I've pretty much been dosing about the flat watching TV and keeping in touch with people from all over. Claire called me using skype as well and is convinced I have picked up the accent, which I swear I haven't as people are still stopping my in the streets and in class and even in some shops and cafes and asking if I'm English and when they find out that I am its "I love your accent!" or "I wish I had an accent!" and everytime I keep wanting to say "you do have an accent, its called Canadian!". But bless them as I think they mean they wish they had a different accent to the norm here which obviously is Canadian.

Anyway time for bed as I got either a long lie in bed as my morning lecture got cancelled so not in until 2pm or I get up early and do one of my remote sensing assignments, which is due on monday.

So keep reading and watching for updates to my website!


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ISX Who?

Camping was cancelled again!

storm 14 °C


Well I found out on Monday that camping was officially called off now! ISX (the company we were going with) didn't get back to us so firstly it was because we couldn't get 15 people to go, then we had a meeting and arranged for a group of eight of us to go with a "tripper" someone not related to the National Park or ISX. So we were meant to go away this weekend but now we aren't...It sucks big time! Well atleast I will be getting my full refund. Well we all got an email saying the exchange people would be at Mick E Fynns for refunds and stuff at around ten. Went round about 9:30ish to try and get in without getting asked for ID as Mike came out with us. Mike is 18 and to drink in Toronto it is 19. So we got in no problem and Megan (one of the girls on the exchange organising team) showed up but didn't recognise me for some reason and walked back out as no-one else was there.

So came back around midnight as the place was pretty dead and it started to rain. Then later that night around 2:30/3:00ish the heavens opened and we had T&L all night and early morning. So again looking out of my window the sky scrapers have vanished into the clouds.

So apart from being p*&%$d off about camping. I'm still doing okay and this cough is slowly going away! So i should be fine for another singing night at Madisons in the Piano Bar.


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Oh My God! A Sunny Bank Holiday!

Why Don't We Get Them Back Home?

sunny 15 °C


Well today is recovery day (or bank holiday) from Thanks Giving! Still had tonnes of food left over. Both Chris and I walked Layla to the bus terminal as she had to be back for university tomorrow. So after that I was chilling in my room when Luke turned up and asked if I fancied going down to the Harbour Front Centre to see what was going on. Turned out it was a Harvest Festival so pumpkins all over the place. We stumbled across a pumpkin pie eating contest. Well we were in the heats of the children's round and we couldn't be bothered staying for two hours to watch the kids and adults contests.

Started walking around and up towards the Rogers Center (Americanised spelling so it is centER and not centRE). Anyway we went to ask about prices to watch the Argonauts for another time later this month but Luke was so in to watching a game we bought two $60-$75 tickets for $15 each (we went to a ticket scalper round the corner). So we got pretty good seats too. Okay we missed 7 minutes of the first quarter but the game went on for 3 hours because its stop the clock and the game was so stop and start, stop and start, stop and start! It was good and Toronto Argonauts beat the Edmonton Eskimos 23 - 28 (For some reason over here the home team's score is second). Got a free Argonauts blanket, which after the game we wore like capes walking home as you would any sport... We were 10 rows from the touch lines too so not only close to the action but we were closer to the cheerleaders too! Some of them weren't bad either!

So came back and flicked through the TV channels and watched the Toronto Maple Leafs at home to the Florida Panthers. Again it went into a face off penalty shoot out. This time we won 1 - 0 after a 1 - 1 3rd period score. So finally the Leafs win at home and are 2 for 2 (2 won and 2 lost). Luke is convinced I'm hooked now as I've watched all 4 Leafs games in the NHL and 3 Pre Season games. So next game is on Thursday so I got time to do my work again.

The crazy thing is the weather was really good for a bank holiday...I could so get used to this over here instead of crappy rainy weather in England but oh well.

Anyway off to bed now so speak soon


PS check out the new pictures in October for today's events

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