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I'm Learning American Sign Language

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Had an interesting few days at work (Wednesday and Thursday). Okay, starting with wednesday, I turned up to work with paper work that I needed my boss to sign the paper work so I can get paid. So Wednesday the room was closed so we were thinking of what we could do with the kids. So we headed off into town to Pizza Pizza for snack and had you guessed it...Pizza! After getting that I had three kids shouting at me to sit with them and they wouldn't stop until I actually sat with them. So yeah, after pizza we headed off to the Eaton Centre to see the Christmas tree there and look in Indigo book store for some things. I had to be on toilet duty as all the kids were boys so I was the unlucky one. Oh well, I guess with this job you do what you have to do! Got to another book store and bought a science book for the kids to do during activity time. They turned to annoying little buggers when Pam and I had to walk three of them home and had to wait with them for one of the parents to pick them up. They were running around, screaming and play fighting etc and Pam and I were getting all worked up about it so I ended up playing "Silence In The Courtyard" and surprisingly it worked...for about a minute before Tyrel opened his mouth and sussed out why we were playing the game...smart arse!

Thursday, I wasn't meant to be in work but because I had a leavers thing with the exchange students I changed my shift as Monica was short on staff that day too. So worked out nicely I reckon! After homework we had a lady come in and she taught us some yoga thing to get rid of negative energy and stuff and then moved onto how we are all different whilst still having commonalities between each other and then moved onto teaching some American Sign Language (ASL) and there is such a huge different between the British Sign Language (BSL) that I am used to and ASL but at least I now know how to say "My name is..." and "My name is .... and I want some milk and cookies please". Then to finish off we all had pieces of paper stuck to our backs and we had to go round and write a word or sentence about that person. I'm happy to announce that the kids like me a lot. I had comments like "cool", "very smart", "good drawer" and "funny".

So Friday comes along and we had a leavers get together with all the exchange students at Hernando's for free food (snacks) and a good laugh with other exchange students about highlights of the whole experience. Was really nice as its the only event I have seen more than 20 of the 76 exchange students in one place at one time since the welcome BBQ. So after a few speeches from Matty and Dave Begg, Chris, Louise, Kat and I hit the Eaton Centre and went around town with our cameras taking pictures of things around and about as Chris and Louise are going home and not coming back after Christmas.

Grabbed some alcohol from LCBO as we were hitting the town that night and got some pre-drinks and after watching "Bring It On" with Chris, Louise, Shanice and Kat we were all pretty pumped up to go out into the clubs....well Chris and Louise were anyway. So a night out downtown in the entertainment district and most places were dead as apparently "It's cold so people don't come out!"...This is Canada! It was probs 0c or maybe -1c as we had some light snow and I mean lightly most of us missed it! Can't believe what it would be like at -30c but anyway first place we went to "Tonic" was a good night out last week so Kat and I took the gang there...just my luck for it to be empty so we went to Republik and had a good night out there and Republik is just like 5th Ave back home so I'm very happy now! Maybe a regular there from now on.

Anyway apart from that, not done much today (Saturday) just update my website, chat to some people back home and now hopefully going to watch some fireworks on the roof of Wycik as downtown is having some fireworks going on every weekend until December 31st so hopefully if the chill factor don't bother us that much it should be a good night!

So off for now


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Almost There!

Its Almost Time To Come Home!

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Well, you read it! I'm almost done with my first semester here at Ryerson University and I have 22 days before I am back in England where I look forward to some good old fish & chips, REAL Cadbury's chocoate and good beer! Well I can only manage one beer [Molson's Canadian] but I can't wait to have some good old English stuff which I haven't been able to have for over three months now.

So anyway, had my final mid term test today in GIS and it went really well. Only have two lectures to go and one presentation about Liverpool (I couldn't get the remote data for Manchester so I had to stick with Liverpool) but it should go down pretty well on Monday and then I am done for lectures, presentations, assignments and all I have left to do is take two finals exams for Global Shift and Physical Geography.

So I have a final exam for physical geography on the 9th December which has really ticked both Louie and me off as December 9th is derby day and it's an early kick off meaning we have to get up early to watch it but can only watch the first half as we have to go to that finals exam. Unless we can get a full highlight replay then we'll be okay but otherwise both pretty ticked off.

So nothing much going on in Toronto apart from that so I guess I will leave it here for the time and catch up another time.


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All Is Good!

I Have A Job Now! Woohoo!

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Sorry I havent been doing this recently as I have been driven to insanity with work and stuff for university! But the good news is, that I have a job here in Canada...woohoo!!! I am working in the after school club with children aged between 6 and 11 years of age. So starting between 3 and 3:30 and then we do homework with them for about an hour so bring on the maths and geography homework! Then after that we have some recreational time with them which could mean anything from colouring in, playing mouse trap or on wednesday we played with cornflour and water mix...the staff didn't expect me to get in and play with them as such but I guess I get that from dad with the whole being a kid again. Then at around 6 - 6:30 we get them ready and walk them home (luckily they live within 2 blocks from where I work so not that far. So the interview on monday went great...I got the job, tuesday I started and then I had a rushing evening on Wednesday. I was at work until 6:30 and then I had to run to the Ram to meet everyone to go to the Raptors game.

So the Raptors game! Come on, my first NBA game and we had gold seating tickets thanks to Adam's friend (who works at the ticket office) and we were 20 rows from the baseline. We had what Matty told me the best and worst team in the conference at the time going into the game (raptors being worse with 2 - 8 record) and against the best player in the league (LB James), however you would not have been able to tell as the first quarter finished 35-20 to the raptors. Don't worry I wont give a full match report but in the end we won 95-87 so my first game was a win so may not go again and keep the 100% record. But I think Matty and I will hit some more raptors games later on in the year.

Thursday night was a chilled night at the Ram with Jaclyn, Devan and Leanna well we thought it'll be a chill but we turned up on pub night for some departments and the place was packed and we didn't hit the dancefloor which Jaclyn would have done without even thinking about it so we just chilled in the corner and had a few drinks (well i did anyway as Dev and Leanna were only 18 and underage). But had a laugh before hand with the whole accents and slang differences like we had on the roof when i first met them in early September.

Friday was my day off university as usual until work at 3:30 with the kids again. We made snowflakes and xmas decorations and we had some time to play with them especially some with playing cards and then out came the magic tricks I knew with a deck of cards. Kids are so easy to surprise with tricks and because of that I had some kida asking me and pulling me to their table when we did snowflakes. Some kids even asked to take my snowflakes home with them as me being me tried to go the extra mile and put fancy curves in it instead of little triangles.

So after work chilled at my place until about half 8 when I went over to Kat's as we were hitting the town with Karen and Ian (friend of Kats in Pitman and Karen's boyfriend) so pre drinking at Pitman and Ian and I went crazy when we found out that the Leafs beat the Washington Capital 7-1 in Washington DC so that lead to more drinking for us two. Hit the town starting at Imperial or "The Library" as the university profs call it! I don't know why but oh well never mind! Moving on, we hit the Eaton Centre as Karen wanted the toilet (she didn't need the loo until we left Imperial...typical) So we were in the Eaton Centre and Kat and I kept running off to all the decorations and pretty much anyway to take pictures on her camera from me sliding on my knees to her posing in front of Santa's Sofa or some display along those lines. So after Karen had finished we hit Richmond Street towards the Entertainment district! We went into a club called Tonic after being body searched at the doors (they like that ovr here) and we hit the bar from the moment we walked in. Cheap beer too (price wise) so was dancing the night away until about 2:30am then we walked back along Richmond until we hit Yonge by this time Karen and Ian may have regretted coming out with some drunk Brits... We found some cows (like the ones dotted around Manchester) and we were having a photo shoot with them riding them, posing next to them and so on as you do when you are drunk! We also found a car dealership where they had an Aston Martin outside. So kat and I were posing on it and making a portfolio for like Nuts and Zoo magazine and any car magazine really! We did the same in Dundas Square with the Christmas Tree and the presents underneath them so doing the typical student thing! We grabbed some food at the griddle at this would be around 3ish when we got there! Came back around half fourish very merry and ready to colapse on the bed.

Woke up and actually got out of bed around 2ish in the afternoon...lazy sod I know! Pretty much just chilled in the flat doing some revision for my mid term for RS unit...not looking forward to it as it was like doing some GCSE coursework in year 9 again so feel a little behind as I hadn't done the pre-requisit course for RS either! Hopefully I should be fine...just carry on reading.

Went out into town with Tramy, Chris, Kat, John, Gemma and some of Tramy's friends to celebrate her birthday (her birthday was actually on the 20th (monday) but we had the party on saturday 25th) at Mr Green Jeans in the Eaton Centre. Not bad I must admit and we had an icecream birthday cake for Tramy and got the whole floor singing Happy Birthday to her. Cutting the cake was even funnier as it was melting and by the time we finished the cake it was all over the table.

So after that we hit City Hall for the Cavalcade of Lights... the square at City Hall was frozen over and people are iceskating there now so one night we are going to get everyone to go together... which should be fun as none of us have been iceskating for years. Saw a light show on the Old City Hall building and then we went crazy taking pictures of the ice skating and the tree whilst dancing to YMCA and the Cha Cha Slide. We decided to head back later on to Imperial where or the first time 90% of everyone in the building were English! Kat and I went crazy and started listening to see who else was English. At the bar I was talking to some guy who was paying his bill and instead of a $20 note he pulled out a £20 note so was a lot of fun in there and then headed home around 11:30ish so an early night for once over the weekend.

I know this might say I wrote this on thursday but I have been going on at it for a while now so if you got confused with the dates don't worry it's my fault for not catching up all this time but I have lots of new photos on my Picture Diary (November) and I updated the "Toronto" page too if you want to have a look too!

Anyway have to get back to revising for this exam so wish me luck


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Lights! Camera! Action!

Woohoo Video Shoot!

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Well lazy day on Sunday, which I'm sure I mentioned last time but even after watching the Simpsons and Family Guy and got an early night for once, so around 1, maybe half 1! So early rise Monday morning as I had some people to chase up for this job at the youth centre but she was in a meeting so I left her my number but still yet to hear anything so I may try in the morning between my lectures to get hold of her. Had my normal remote sensing lecture at 3 and finished early as the lecture notes were short and simple and my prof didn't quite make it long enough so we had time to work on our third and final assignment, which involves a presentation...yes a presentation! Thought I got rid of that last week but nope...oh well only got until the end of the month and then it is exam period and I am done by the 9th December so I have 10 days to chill out and sort some things out.

Anyway, back to the story! hehe... So finished the lecture and was home until around 9ish when I left for the Danforth to take part in this Video Shoot for Ryan Luchuck (which you can check out (him and his music not the video!) on www.myspace.com/ryanluchuck). So got there slightly early and was waiting outside when another guy turned up for the shoot and then I found out he lived in Neill Wycik so straight off we were chatting away about how we all hate the two hours a month etc and pretty much how dead our flats are. I mean I see Chris all the time and I chat to Trammy abit too but Jen, nobody ever sees anymore and Rhaul I see every now and again. For Kyle (other guy I met at this shoot) says his flat is dead, everyone locks themselves in their rooms and only goes out to get food, lectures or use the bathroom. So we were chilling in the waiting room whilst everyone was setting up for the shoot and the extras came rolling in with us two. We were however expecting around 40 extras. After we grabbed two people from Pizza Pizza we had a grand total of 10. We grabbed two people from Pizza Pizza as the crew were getting pizza for everyone and the extras surprisingly. So comes to 11:30 before we get ready to shoot and we were in the studio until 2am shooting with the band and the audience. After 2 they were finished with us extras so who knows how long they were all there for. But pretty much all we had to do was be an audience like to a concert. With only 10 of us we will all have to be copied and pasted around the set so there looks like a load more of us and with technology today one of the guys is gonna blur some faces, change colour of tops etc. So also they told us after signing release forms that they were going to submit the video to a host of music channels such as much music, mtv canada etc and see what we get and if anyone wants to show us we'll be told etc.

So on the way back with Kyle on the street car and we got talking to one of the women in the shoot too and we missed our stop and ended up at 1300 King Street West, meaning we had to get to 1 King Street West (where the Yonge Street Intersection is) and then up Yonge until we got to Gerrard Street East and then to Wycik so we crawled into the lifts at Wycik at around 3:40am...ish... and I was up again for class at 8:30.

So comes to Tuesday and I am really and truly knackered and slowly falling asleep in GIS. I did get the work done however! So went back as I had a 4 hour break before my second lecture and I was going to use that time to work on my Global essay but instead I had better ideas...SLEEP!!! so Chris woke me up accidently when she came in as she heard music from my laptop so assumed I was up but nope...I was konked out on the bed.

Had tea in the Ram with Louie, Kat, Mike and Chris after lectures and just chilled out playing pool later on (Chris went home and Craig showed up so was chilling with Louie, Mike, Craig and Kat). So around 6ish we headed back to res and then I decided to try and work on this assignment for Global Shift. However by 9pm I was so bored I fell asleep and woke up at around half 2 when we had ambulances zooming around the streets nearby.

So today...another early rise for class, which half of us didn't actually turn up to but don't worry I was a good boy and went in and we all discovered that Steven (Prof), Chris and I are immigrants...legal however! Then pretty much spent the rest of the day working on this assignment minus a 3 hour break around noon when I went to a careers meeting where a Ryerson graduate came in with a presentation about his career with GIS and the Toronto Police Force etc...was really interesting actually and then after that I went to meet Adam at the business building to pick up my Toronto Raptors game ticket! Finally I'm going to watch a NBA game live and we are also 20 rows from the touchline (so we got $83 tickets for $49, good eh?).

So yeah completely bored to death now thanks to that assignment for Global but atleast it is out of the way now and I can now chill tonight. Its 9pm now but it feels like 11:30. Don't know why to be honest! Maybe because it has been dark for the past 4 hours now as the days get shorter!

So I'll leave it here for today and hopefully won't leave it until the weekend until my next blog...I really should be doing this a lot more frequently but oh well.

Ciao for now


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Lazy Days.....Again!

Always Seems To Be On A Sunday Though

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Well as always sunday does tend to be the day of rest and just lazing around the flat doing nothing! However I did get something left on myspace asking me if I wanted to be in a music video. Yeah, a music video! Ryan Luchuck (Piano Guy at Maddys) and his band are shooting a video tomorrow night (Monday Night) at the Danforth so another late night for David tomorrow but at least it can go on the list of new things done whilst in Toronto and really in my life!

So yeah like I said, just another day lazing around the flat and just relaxing as I pulled my shoulder muscles across my back but only lightly so it just meant lying on my bed and just relaxing and taking it easy.

Had a good night last night watching the Maple Leafs beat biggest rivals the Montreal Canadiens 1 - 5 (remember home team score goes second) so me and Chowny were instead of going out for the game just chilled in my lounge (Thank God we have cable) and all we needed to make the night were Johny, Louie, Luke and a good old 24 pack of Canadian or Lakeport to watch the game but Louie was doing something else, Johny lives in Danforth and I think was just chilling that night and Luke is in New York this weekend and the 24 pack well I didn't think of that until after the game had finished. But was in such a good mood, I stayed up to watch the Vancouver Canucks lose at home to the Calgary Flames who were 0 - 2 down by the end of the 1st period. Yeah! I have really taken a liking to hockey and am now completely obsessed with it, someone please give me a basketball and a court to play on before I lose my interest in basketball (Can't believe I just said that let alone think it).

So anyway just been chilling in the lounge with Tramy talking about things and really what we wanted to do before university and what we want to do after university etc... Also been watching the Simpsons and Family Guy too in the lounge after Tramy left to go to her room (Bless her, she still has mid terms...then again I have one at the end of the month).

So anyway I'm going to head off now catch up on some sleep as I got a late night tomorrow night so got to be wide awake! So night night


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Beer! Glorious Beer!

Party, Party and well...Party!

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Well had two of the best nights outs (Thursday and Friday night) as if you have read my latest Ryerson blog you would know that I was getting rather drunk with Matty after my presentation.

So woke up with a huge hang-over and a half eaten Chicken Shwarma on my desk. Got up early to attend a service for November 11th (it was on the 10th as it was Friday and most people would be there at university). Went shopping afterwards and ended up getting a $5 note which had the message "Track this bill @ www.whereswilly.com". I kind of read it out loud and the lady at the counter said that I have some special bill and what is happening is some people are trying to see how money flows around the country and sometimes even the world. So far this "bill" hasn't left Ontario yet but when i logged it on to the website I checked some others and some have been all the way across canada and in to the States and other people have left how they came across their "bills" and what they did with it etc to pass it on!

So after that I was pretty much just chilling in my room catching up with some people from home etc and then because of a late night Thursday night I fell asleep on my bed for a few hours until it was time to go down to the Steamer party in the basement of Neill Wycik where like last time I got tokens for free drinks (supposed to get only four but after talking to the bar girls both Chowny and I were getting more free drinks so I wasn't complaining). Around midnight when it finished most of us carried on with the party at Mick E Fynns where i bumped into Reb, Chris, Louise and Hilary and one guy bought a rose for Hilary and when they went to get some drinks and dance etc I started talking to this guy. Turns out to be one of the nicest guys I've met here. He was buying me drinks all night (well splitting pitchers) and yes he was drunk at the time so free drinks I wasn't going to turn down. Met a few of his friends and we all got drunk together but then when they closed up at Fynns we were outside chatting away and one of Don's friends (Don is the guy I met) was being hassled by a bunch of lads saying I'll take you home and stuff but Alex (Don's friend) lived like not even 100 yards away and what got Don annoyed was that the guys had more to drink than we did and they were going to drive home! So after hanging around and trying to help him out (as well he been buying me drinks all night) we ended up walking Alex home and for sticking around with him (by this time he was sober) we went in a restaurant next to Fynns for breakfast (by this time it was 3:30am) and he paid for both of us (as a thank you for sticking around and helping out).

So we chilled at the griddle until 5am (this place is open 24 hours) and then waited outside for the street car as he lived about 20 minutes ride east from where we were so hung around until his street car came and then walked home to Wycik. This guy was incredible how nicely he was treating me and we were acting as if we known each other since I first got here. So I had a free night out last night, which was great so next time i see him around we'll probs have another good night out and well I am here for a year so I am likely to bump into him again.

Anyway woke up today with yet again another hangover but the breakfast at 3:30 in the morning helped a lot otherwise I think I would have been a lot worse off!

So just about to make some lunch now so catch up later


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It's Very Nice To Meet You!

Here, There and Everywhere...again!

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Well this week is all about meeting new people! Well Monday it was as Louie, Mike and I chilled at VIP playing some pool and we met another guy who just happened to be from Birmingham (unlucky) but said he wasn't 100% sure about Louie's accent and the crazy thing is, Louie's accent is more Mancunian than mine yet I was the one that Luke (Brummy) identified as English! Crazy eh? (Oh God i'm picking up the slang)

Then Tuesday a good 12 of us cabbed down to the cinema downtown to watch Borat the movie. We didn't stop laughing at all whilst watching. But when the film came on and when it finished some people clapped and cheered which is something I was definately not used to but overall it was such a good movie...the usual sick jokes and humour but it showedthe whole social differences throughout the USA and how socially degrading people can be about other people if they don't fit the stereotypical American.

So after the movie, we (Louie, Craig, Mike, Michell, Sheel, Becky, Lance, Sharon and I) chilled in Craigs room until 2am when he kicked us out as most of us had class at 8 or 9 (which included me) but no one i don't think actually cared in the end.

So it comes to today (Wednesday) and in lessons we got back our test results from our first "midterm" test. Chris and I got identical marks which was freaky...still passed with ease but still found it weird that we got identical marks. We were in the top third for our results.

Now I am starting to get some butterflies in my stomach as it is my presentation tomorrow with the university and some diplomats and I did a run through with Alex and I was rubbish at first but slowly picked up the pace as I went along and the more I went over it the better I got so I have to keep going through it and hopefully I can do my best on the night (tomorrow night).

Anyway I'm off now to run through it so speak laters


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Having A Sexy Tyamme!!!

Another Night At Maddys

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Well, Firday night at VIP chilling with Louie playing some pool was good just played pool for about 2 hours but it was just chilled, no drinking, no heavy music, just a table and some competition between Louie and I.

Came to Saturday when I got my money from home, which was nice! As soon as I got back to my flat I gave Chris most of it and she would give me an allowance each week. But went out into town to see what was going on as usually something is and just to look around the shops for some Christmas ideas. So a good few hours later and after bumoing into a few people from university I finally got home to Louie and Craig asking if I wanted to go up to Maddys to watch the leafs game as it was $10 pitchers (3 pinters) and 25c wings during the game. So around half 6ish I went round to Louie's and had Mike sign me in as Louie couldn't be bothered and Andreas came in as well so whilst Mike was signing me in, Michell came down to sign Andreas in too. Got up to their floor and then crashed Craig's room whilst Louie was finishing off something in his room so we started some pre-drinks. By the time I got round to finding a seat and getting one drink down, Michell was wasted (he did however neck Jack Daniels straight and had about half a litre bottle in some stupid time (think under 2 minutes) but still he was well and truly gone (check out November 2006 Picture Diary on my site). So we were happily drinking whilst waiting for Craig's brother to show up so watched the 1st period of the Leafs in Craig's room and then all crowded his brother's car. Luckily he had a people carrier but only sat 8 (there were 11 of us) so Craig, Michell and I were sat on the floor inbetween people's legs and arms and it was bedlam (Pretty much like when we came home from the Students Union once when Luis was here and we had 7 of us in Dad's car with 5 of us on the back seat).

So we finally get to Maddys where by this time the Leafs were 2-1 up against Buffalo so we missed some action whilst all being crowded in the car. Managed to crowd into Maddys in bits and bobs as Craig's brother had to park the car and stuff so half of us got out and went into Maddys. Found Craig about 40 minutes later with his brother and some of his brother's friends with 4 pitchers and they had just ordered 100 chicken wings (coming to $67 in total, which yes doesn't add up but they missed off some pitchers...but shush!). So after having a blast with the Chicken, we finally moved up to the Piano Bar to see Ryan for another night of singing.

Grabbed a cab (Sharon, Alicia, Louie, Mike and myself) back to ILLC and we just chilled in Sharon's room whilst she was uploading pictures and at times we all dissappeared and covered some doorhandles with condoms of all sorts of types and we also blew up some and Mel and I played condom tennis in the corridor until it burst after hitting the ceiling which had a textured surface. But pretty much it was chilling down at the ILLC until half 4ish.

So today (Sunday) was once again another lazy day until I went to the shops to help Chris with some research that she had to do for one of her modules here (One that I am not in obviously) and apart from that not much has been going on now apart from Friends, Family Guy and the Simpsons are on TV tonight so it'll be another chill night in front of the TV and an early night as I got some work to do for university tomorrow so another early rise for me, which I'm not looking forward to that but oh well I got to do what I got to do to get through university here.

So I'll catch up another time


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Another Fun Filled Week!

I've found my karaoke bar now

sunny -2 °C


Well I didn't think I left it so long since my last entry but oh well never mind. I've been very busy this week with a mid term on wednesday and my remote sensing assignment on monday. Apart from that it was halloween on Tuesday so dressed up again and hit the town...well Church Street around the corner from Neill Wycik. It was one massive gathering of people all dressed up in costumes and everyone was having photos taken with the best dressed ones (some you can see on my website). It was crazy, I've never seen anything like it.

Bumped into Kat about half way through as she was with some girls from her floor so I chilled with them as Johny went off to meet his girlfriend who works round the corner from Church Street. So after walking all the way to the top, we walked right back down through the crowds again. So after 30 minutes of pushing and shoving through the crowds on the way back we hit Mick E Fynns where Kat and I chilled for a bit with some people from her floor. We were lookig around at the costumes inside Fynns when we noticed a good old British Bobby! Looking closer at the Bobby, we realised that it was the same guy who gave Kat and I a talk back at MMU when he did the same exchange as we are doing now. So had a chat with him about things and we both almost walked into jobs because now he is one of the managers at a clothes shop in the Eaton Centre, but unfortunately we don't and he couldn't do under the table work for us.

Was up until about half 2, maybe half 3 just chilling in Kat's room (seem to do that a lot just us chilling chatting about travelling over here and things we want to do here etc and on the odd occassions we get very drunk with some of her floor mates who walk in every now and again). Anyway back to the story! So got in late from Kat's and woke up in my doctor outfit as I just crashed out as soon as I got in.

Wednesday morning, we had our first proper mid term exam which was 30 multiple choice questions about everything we had studied so far in GIS. Kat missed it after our late night, however she woke up at 6:30am and then forgot to re-set it to wake her up around 8ish for our 9am exam. So Kat was a bit stressed out by that, so after seeing Steve (Professor for GIS) she actually sat the exam at 3pm. So to celebrate surviving the exam, there was a Mapleleafs game at Rams so Craig, Brent, Michell, Andreas and I chilled there to watch the Leafs win and then when Louie showed up we moved to Hoops for Karaoke. So I was vey happy indeed as it was like Footage with the big screen and some of the smaller TVs having the lyrics on as well so everyone could join in. So after 6 pitchers, Craig, Michell, Andreas and Louie were quite drunk and I was getting there but had breaks as I was singing so I was drinking water at times.

So after the karaoke we waited outside the bar as the guys got talking to some of the waitresses so Craig, Michell, Louie and I were singing outside the bar and just pretty much having a laugh until Irena and Taylor came out (Waitresses) and then we all went back to crash Craigs place but because Taylor had no photo ID on her they had to call the security to check her out etc and by this time Irena went home so until 7am we chilled in Craigs room listening to music, playing on the xbox and his pc etc.

Thursday was another great night at Maddys piano bar with all the exchange students as Luke sent out an email to everyone to come out then and by 12ish a good 20 of us from the exchange we at Maddys singing along to Ryan Luchuck. Kat was getting hit on by this Kiwi all night and after it all Luke, Kat & I got a cab home and again I chilled with Kat in her room for a bit doing the usual chats and having a laugh. So then around 4ish I managed to crawl in to bed.

Early rise with mum calling me and a few wrong number calls but got up to meet Alex to put together a presentation we are doing for the International Exchange Presentaion where students on exchange, returned from exchange and the international office give presentations to the principle, international diplomats, exchange students and students who are considering going on exchange. So after 2 hours of chatting about this whole experience we came up with a presentation which I sent off to Dave Begg at the international office to see what he thinks of it.

Otherwise its a quiet night tonight chilling at VIP with Louie for a few games of pool and some drinks but just a chilled night so just waiting for him to get back from wherever they went off to.

So I'm going to be getting off with some work now whilst I wait for Louie so ciao for now


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Lazy Weekends

Well Sunday Was Anyway!

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Well had a good night saturday with Kat. After the Kensington Market time we both went to Reb's for a halloween party. Reb was a cowgirl, kat was a hawaiian dancer, chris was a witch, louise was a fallen angel, giulia was a surgeon, hilary was a doctor as well as me so they became my assistants, Chowny threw on an Australia Cricket Shirt and pretended to be 100% Aussie (Mum is British but he has always considered himself an Aussie!). and Luke dressed as himself. There were also a bunch of other people who I didn't know so oh well. Chowny and I polished a litre of whiskey and were involved in alot of photos through-out the night and I don't think anyone got a serious photo of the two of us.

So a few hours later both Kat and I left as I was also invited to another party on the 8th floor with Jaclyn and Alex but by the time we were getting there they were planning on going to the Rams so they dragged both Kat and I along with an angel (Alex), construction worker (Jaclyn) and Harry Potter (Dev). had some fun in the Rams dancing and I was also finding all the helium balloons and was pretty much talking to everyone with a high pitched voice. The Canadians found that hilarious and Kat was being boring by not dancing in her hawaiian dancer outfit and when we were walking back to my place she was wearing my lab coat as it was pretty nippy for her wearing a grass skirt (and my footie shorts under the skirt) but still wasn't a lot to wear. So we grabbed Kat's stuff from my room and grabbed a chicken kebab kind of thing from the take away next to Wycik. Pretty much from then Kat and I chilled in Kat's room until about 3:45am before she kicked me out.

So when I finally got up Sunday morning I decided to go food shopping and I managed to do a 2 week shop and get it under £9. So I was quite impressed with myself. So as far as Sundays go apart from watching Family Guy later on that night, that is Sunday all wrapped up! Lazy days as usually for sunday.

Spent most of today (Monday) in uni finishing off my remote sensing assignment and I got my first assignment back and considering I hadn't done any cartography before I was quite chuffed with my B+ (75% or a 1st back home in Manchester). Apart from that Manchester City were on TV during my lecture and Louie had invited me to watch the game but obviously I couldn't go an plus City were playing MIddlesborough at home and our GIS lecturer is a huge Middlesborough fan (suppose someone must support them). So Louie is wearing his City shirt with pride first thing in the morning tomorrow for our GIS lesson with Steve (Lecturer).

Anyway I am off to watch the Mapleleafs now at the Rams so I'll catch up some other time.


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