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Look! No Hands!

So It Starts Again ... At Work!

sunny -7 °C


Yesterday, was a bit of a different day for more than one reason actually. Started off again in class on Tuesday for 8am for Environmental and Resource Planning, so surprise surprise there was no Louie... I'm sure that lad doesn't know that there are two eights in the day!

So anyway after class I decided to start the year on a high and go to the gym so about 90 minutes later I had a glove chucked at me. Looked up to see who it was and it turned out to be Matty! So wasn't that bad. Kat came along later with some floor mates of hers as I was leaving. Got back to res and saw that Chris' door was open so not thinking I just ignored it and went into my room and started going onto my laptop etc, etc. About 10 minutes later a girl came in and introduced herself. She was a French exchange student going to Ryerson for this semester. Originally from Metz in the north of France, she has come to Ryerson to study Arts. Apart from that she seems to be a lively character and I can not remember how to pronounce her name to save my life let alone even remember what the heck it is!

So after the brief introduction, I left her to doing her unpacking and went off to class. Jet lag finally hit me and as soon as our lecturer turned out the lights to show us something on the overhead projector, I put my head on the desk and konked out... whoops!

So after that just had to go outside to wake up with the cold weather as I went downtown to get some balloons for work for my sports day activity. I'd like to thank mum for the idea and when I got to work it worked out great! The kids loved it! They were screaming, cheering and willing on their teams. We had to tell them to be quiet at one point because Anna bless her was doing all the reports for the kids outside in the main corridor. Then after tha balloons I had another game up my sleeves, which the kids loved especially the boys as they won.

Anyway so after work I got back grabbed some clothes and went back to the gym to kill some time before I went round to Jaclyn's to meet her new flat mate and to see Jaclyn of course as I hadn't seen her in almost a month. So absolutely murdered myself going again trying to 3 lane track and then back to the x-trainers and rowing machines etc, etc. Was good though and I bumped into Holley there so was chatting to her whilst on the bikes and then when she left I decided to cool down on the track again with some Farklet training so got back well and truly knackered. Good job jaclyn didn't message me on msn for another hour.

Pretty much just chilled out with Jaclyn, Devan and Candence [new flat mate] and we were messing around with what Nanna [Danish exchange student who was there last semester] like some 30 inch salami, some clothes, belts and other stuff. Claudio came round later from the 8th floor and then a friend of Cadence came round too so the 6 of us were just having a laugh and then ended up at Big Slice Pizza around 2am. Probs the best laugh I've had since I got back to Canada so apart from that I am now in uni bright and early for my only class today (9 - 10) and the damn thing got cancelled so I got up early where I really needed another hour or two of kip. Oh well never mind now I am up I can go to the gym again and then got work later on.

Just checked the weather for today before I put it on and apparently it's -7 with a wind chill making it feel like -16....brrrrrr!

So catch you later


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Guess Who's Back? Back Again!

Back In Toronto!

overcast 6 °C


Well, here it is! The second leg of my jounrney here in Toronto. After eight hours of intense flying with Louie, Crappy movies and Scouse cabin crew we made it through customs and then waited 40 minutes for our luggage and then finally got a taxi from the airport to the ILLC.

So getting in around 7ish, it was pretty much chuck everything out the suitcase, mess up the room and unpack! Well sort of... got the essentials out [laptop] and connected to the net with the modem etc, etc and then called up Kat to pretty much say that Louie and I were here and if she fancied coming to the Ram for some food. Timing was slightly out as she had just eaten...darn it! Nevermind, she still came with Louie and I for a laugh, catch up session and just chilling. Went back to Kat's to chill some more with the one and only Peter Kay live at the MEN Arena. After the laughs, we decided to have some more and watch Borat on the internet and we pretty much at Kat's til god knows when.

So an early rise for some reason...maybe I'm still running in GMT not Toronto time. But up early and off to the pub with Louie to watch the Liverpool Vs Arsenal game...well tried to but no-one was showing it live. No worries...an hour later both L and I were in the gym, which I later joined for 2 semesters (Jan - Aug) for $58 or £25 which is fantastic! So trying to keep that up by going two or three times a week (prefs three times) so to try it all out I am going every other day until I get back into the lecture system back at Ryerson. So after a shower Louie and I tried again to go watch Liverpool Vs Arsenal again. We ended up in Hoops, where we did Karaoke that one night back in early November. Good game to watch I thought and when the half time break was on, I bumped in Taylor who for once had the night off from working at Hoops so was chilling with her playing pool and having a few drinks before hitting back to Wycik to chill before going round to Louies with Kat to chill there this time... A good 6 hours later, we went through watching Madagascar, tried to play Cool Runnings but Louie has a Canadian Laptop and not a multi region player and then just having a laugh just the three of us. So another late night (4am) and another early rise on Sunday (11am).

I went food shopping at Dominion as it was round the corner from where I live for a big shop and it didn't quite feel the same as last time I did it I was with Chris and it just turned into a mess around rather than a food shop. Chilled again at Kat's and people were moving back in on Kat's floor in Pitman so was catching up with them whilst watch Cool Runnings as Kat has a good ol' British laptop! So had a load more laughs and then an early night last night before midnight too...okay little lie...(12:30am) but anyway up and ready for another term at Ryerson.

Now I'm ready to go to the gym and cool off after being in uni 9 - 4 with no breaks so ciao for now and catch you laters


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If Jesus Can Have A Last Supper, Then So Can We!

Last Night In Toronto!!!

sunny 2 °C


Well after a crazy night packing until 4:30am this morning [monday morning] I finally got my lazy arse out of bed at around 2pm, just in time to make a few phone calls with Zoom Airlines about reservations and baggage etc and then just enough time to walk into work and start my final day of the term!

So after final packing as I forgot that I was taking home some of Christabel's stuff too so a complete re-think of what I was bringing home but simple solution but I won't tell you about it! Anyway afterwards Chris and I had a "Last Supper" with Tramy and we ordered a chinese take out which should have been with us within 40 minutes. However as they were busy an hour later we called up the chinese and after they said they were busy so it wasn't ready we said we'd come pick it up as we were heading downtown anyway...well down the street to firstly pick up the chinese and also change some money at the money mart.

So we got home and we had Tramy waiting in the lounge and as soon as the chinese hit the table we were all in there just waiting to dig in. So a episodes of friends, chinese and a good hour later I get a phone call from Luke who took me out to the cinema to watch "Blood Diamond" with Leo Di. Good film, bit gory but a very good film overall.

So now I am here doing this and just about to hit the sack as I'm up early tomorrow...well today and be at the airport for 5 hours as Chris checks in before me and I have to check in 4 hours before my flight home so hanging around for a while!

Anyways I guess the next time you guys hear from me will actually be back in England over the Christmas period so I hope to see you around


PS. Can't wait to play on the piano again...been too long!

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End Of An Era!

All Going Home Now!

sunny 4 °C


So Matty's farewell get together at his house was a blast! He left me in charge of $750 and a "guest list" with all 27 people in the limobus! Really the "limobus" was more like a coach that had been gutted out and put down laminate flooring, leather sofas, mini bar, full surround sound stereo system and a toilet!

So we got to Matty's house around 8:45pm and were told it would pick us up between 3 and 3:30am so we had a good 6 hours of partying and just last moments together and take lots of photos for everyone! Naturally we all got drunk! Especially after watching the Leafs win 9-2 against the New York Rangers. So a few bottles of this, a few shots of that and some chugs of everything and a beer funnel, I myself was quite merry!

So to make things more interesting we had a pool tourny between the brits and aussies which got to a final three of Luke, Reb and Myself but because other people jumped onto the table before we had a change to continue. Nanna (Denmark) and I were unbeaten in a game of foosball doubles and to put us at a bigger disadvantage we had 3vs2 and we still kicked ass! At one time it was me against three so was quite impressed with myself.

So after chilling with Tamara and Amanda all night it was time to say goodbye to everyone (that weren't exchange students) and jump back on the bus back home where the life of the journey home were once again the Aussies, Brits ...and Jules (from Holland). Finally climbed into bed at 4:15am after falling through the doors and onto my bed!

So overall it has been a great night and the best way to finish the semester! So today I've been packing...well deciding what to take home exactly as most of my luggage will be Chris' so might as well leave my clothes here and bring back everything worth something so scrapbox, cameras and laptop...amongst other things! So now going to try and catch some sleep before its day light again!

G'nite!...well morning!


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No Longer A Teen....

...Well Physically Not Anymore!

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Well it's now the 16th and I haven't caught up so much in the last three days for two reasons: 1) Exchange Parties and 2) Work! Anyway, I'll catch up with you whilst I'm eating icecream and birthday cake for my breakfast...yumm! So yeah I left it just before I went down to Reb's for pizza and drinks and got everyone there to sign my flag (Kat, Chris, Reb, Giulia, Hilary and Joey)...Luke and Chowny were out that night but oh well! So I am going to grab everyone up at Matty's tonight! So after a lot of drinks and pizza we all hit up the street to Mick E Fynns when we met Louie, John, Gemma and Kate. By the end of the night everyone got incredibly drunk and Joey, Kat, Louie and I went to Crews up on Church Street and bumped into Tegan, Lucy and Jules (more exchange students) and to their shock that we were at a gay bar! They all thought we were homophobic and the next time they saw me they thought I was too drunk to realise where I was but actually I did!!

So woke up with the biggest hangover Thursday morning and after a shower and a lot of much needed water Chris then took me for my early birthday surprise. We went to Mariko, a Japanese restaurant on Yonge Street. The place itself was nice and the food was awesome! Green tea, soup starter, breaded pork with sushi, tofu, rice, ginger and salad for main and then green tea icecream for afters. For $12 for the both of us it was really nice and after that I felt well again. So after my Japanese detox session on Yonge Street, i was ready to hit work and then afterwards Fynns with Luke and Chowny. We met up with Adam T (RISExC) and then later on Chris, Reb, Tegan, Jule, Lucy, Louie and Dave (ILLC) joined us for leaving drinks as this would be the last time we'd all see Chowny. Adam bought Louie and I early birthday drinks, which Louie gave to Adam as he wasn't feeling to good...Adam wasn't complaining as it was one more drink for him! After a few headed off to Maddys, John and I got another drink and then hit off out of Fynns and John and Gemma went to Maddys whilst Chowny, Louie, Dave and I went to the griddle fore some much needed food, PANCAKES!

So friday comes and its my birthday! No longer a teenager so after a final xmas shop downtown I hit the discount dollar store and got some red tinsel, a santa's hat and some reindeer antler headband with jingle bells on them. As I was walking back from there to go to the shop to pick up some Pepsi for work's xmas party, I was wearing the headband and was quite happy I got some smiles from people walking past and some laughs from some girls in a restaurant window. So turned up to work and went into the kitchen screaming "Happy Holidays" and everyone turned around and just burst into laughter! I was the only one dressed like a prat! It felt good though and I was in the Christmas spirit! So after becoming a dinner reindeer for the kids, I was booted out of the kitchen to get some food and "take a break". Turns out the staff were planning my birthday surprise as the lights went out and out came the cake with 20 candles and loads of kids and staff singing (well kids screaming, the staff were singing) happy birthday and I was given a bag full of cards and presents. The kids also came up and hugged my legs as they were too small to reach me and after few were clinging on I almost fell on them. This was the surprise they had planned when I walked in on Tuesday or Wednesday and wad booted out and guided out by the kids. I tell you something considering I have only been there a little over a month I really do love those kids...I don't know why I was thinking of a job in the Ram or under table work off campus at bars etc...Well I found my job until the end of June. To top it off I went home with an envelope which had every kid on pieces of paper like report cards and I have to fill them in so I really feel like a teacher now!

So after work I brought home the birthday cake and soon enough as soon as I told chris she called the Aussies, Shanice and Joey to help me finish it off! Luke and I watched the leafs game with a birthday drink, which was nice and then here we are today sat in my room with the cake and icecream long gone and I'm off to meet Matty about tonight so I'll catch you guys laters! See you soon and new pictures on December 2006 page...The Iceskating pictures!


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Yes! I Have Become A Tourist Again!

Casa Loma & Iceskating

sunny 9 °C


Not long to go now! I will be home in a week from now woohoo! (I like saying woohoo now!).

Anyways now with uni finished for the semester we have all become tourists again. A few of us (John, Gemma, Kat, Chris, Louise and myself) all went up to Casa Loma. CL is a huge early 20th century mansion, which also during the late 20s early 30s was a hotel. Also films such as "The Pacifier", "Cocktails" and "Chicago" were filmed in and around the house. All we got was a good few hundred school children and Santa. I'm sure that guy [santa] follows us exchange students around...hehe... Anyway so back to CL. It's big, classy and they have secret passages, hideaways, and an 800 foot underground tunnel connecting the house to the stables. Pictures are on my website in the December page in Picture Diary. Stayed there a little longer than we expected as when we were in the stables, I asked for the time and it was 2:50... I had to be in work for 3:30 and I was all the way uptown instead of downtown. So we were practically finished in the stables which was the last stop at CL and then we hurried back to the subway station back home. Turns out I was only 5 minutes late for work but nothing had started yet as the kids had just turned up and were eating snack so hadn't started their homework yet, which was lucky for me.

So after work, Chris told me about iceskating that night in Nathan Phillips Square and that everyone was coming round soon. Believe it or not everyone was round at our's about half an hour later (John, Reb, Shaince, Chowny & Kat) and we all walked down to go iceskating. Had a catch up with Chowny as I aint seen him in a while and then we were going on about what we were going to do at home. For me I'm coming home to cold England. For Chowny it'll be summer and in the high 20s and 30s. But then again Kat backed me up with having a white Christmas was better than turkey sandwiches on the beach catching waves. We might not get snow but still I prefer snow at Christmas or in the UK's case snow around Christmas but not on Christmas Day.

So back to the story, we got there and I ended up with the wrong size skates and took them back and got another pair...oh my god! I could skate in them but i kept thinking that I was going to snap my ankle as I just had a leather boot with a blade on the bottom. I fell over once and if I did it infront of the guys who were sitting down I think I would have had the score cards out. The ice had been roughed up by the other skaters and I went down a dip in the ice and took off going A over T and landed on my arm and grazed it. It still stings at times but its nothing serious. Felt like the guys in Cool Running where they saw some guys skating really well and then going "Yeah its not so hard" and then landing on their backsides! Felt like Sanka! Overall it was a good night in the end and really a good day out with the group and tonight we are having a final night all together down at Reb's with drinks and pizza deliveries. Just having a laugh and kind of recapping the experience with everyone before they all go home and leave me here! Atleast I have Kat, Louie, John and Gemma! So hopefully I can get everyone to sign my canadian flag before we all go our different ways.

Anyways I'm off for now so catch you later


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240 Hours and Counting

Ten Days Until I Am Home

sunny 6 °C


Okay, maybe not 240 hours from now as it's almost 7pm on a sunday but still it's not long to go until I am back in Stockport and I can see everyone again.

So to recap the first half of my exchange period (it is only one third of the year abroad however) I have:


  • The Ex
  • International BBQ (First meeting with many exchange students)
  • Been on Canadian TV
  • Went to church in a different language that I don't know


  • Ryerson Annual Parade
  • Been to the Toronto Islands
  • Went to see Beyonce for FREE
  • Went to Wonderland Theme Park
  • Saw the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball (twice)
  • Had a night out in Greek
  • Went up the CN Tower for FREE
  • Went to Algonquin National Park and went canoeing
  • Moved into my flat at Neill Wycik
  • Survived the end tail of a hurricane
  • Got lost in Toronto
  • Opened a canadian student bank account
  • Gone out into downtown in a skirt
  • Played a mass scale version of Catch The Flag
  • Caused a riot in Toronto with the Police
  • Convinced people I'm related to the queen
  • Became Jaclyn's personal piggy back taxi service
  • Tried Sushi
  • Got on the university Football team and then also lost my place
  • Pulled a 40 hour day


  • Developed an obsession to ice hockey and the Maple Leafs
  • Maddys Piano bar
  • Layla came to visit
  • Thanksgiving
  • Went to see the Argonauts (Canadian Football) with Luke
  • Had two camping trips cancelled
  • Had snow...yes in October
  • Had a movie marathon
  • Kat and Chowny had birthdays
  • First time I felt homesick
  • Went to Niagara Falls for a field trip and got drunk
  • Halloween parties


  • Found a karaoke bar
  • Started mid term exams
  • Gave a presentation to some exchange students (returning, current and outgoing) and to diplomats
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Cavalcade of Lights
  • Tramy's birthday
  • Went to watch the Toronto Raptors (Basketball)
  • Went to the cinema for the first time
  • Had a free weekend for drinks and food
  • Been in a video shoot
  • Got a job


  • More Cavalcade of Lights
  • Finished university for the semester
  • Spent some quality time with Chris (the way we planned it to be)
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Finalised my paperwork for my job (SIN stuff etc)
  • Went on a frenzy with my camera

And still got ten days left to go before I come home so plenty of new things to do before I'm back in England. So lets hope that the second half of the exchange is just as good.


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The Way It Was Planned!

A Day Out With Chris & Dave!

sunny -11 °C


So yeah, as you may have read in my Ryerson blog that I had my first of two semester finals exam, which went well! So anyway, away from academics and on to the good stuff! Went into town today to buy some little bits and bobs for back home as Chris sat her second exam of the day and then as I was coming back from town I bumped into Michell and Louie playing footy in the quad so played with them for a bit until they got too cold and worn out. Can't blame them as it was -6c at midday so was a pretty cold day today!

I came back to find Chris had finished her exam early and was able to leave so she was back and she got her laptop to work again after some fiddling around with the cables in the back of her laptop so to celebrate we went out to a little chinese restaurant for roast pork & duck with rice and it was de-lish! Surprisingly so was the Chinese tea, which didn't quite tickle my fancy back home at work with dad over the summer...sorry dad! So anyway went shopping afterwards with her as she is getting a Canadian flag so everyone can sign it before she goes home. Sounds like a good idea for me too as I will be meeting two different lots of exchange students (the lot now so Luke, Chowny etc and then a new bunch in the new year) plus when I go on my travels in the summer anyone I meet along the way I can have them do it too maybe but we'll see.

To be honest I don't know what made today so good for me but Chris and I haven't really spent that much time together whilst in Toronto as I have had my Canadian friends and exchange friends that I hung around with and Chris had the Aussie girls and really we didn't see much of each other outside of the classroom! But it made a very nice change to spend the day with her...was a laugh really even when it came to doing laundry. We ran out of dryers so we shared one. The one I picked was just in reach for her so when we came back to pick it up her clothes were dry-ish whilst I put mine on for another 30 minutes longer so anyway was fun trying to seperate them afterwards as I found stuff of hers left over in my lot so before I even touched them to put them away Chris came in raided my pile for anything that was hers and then left!

So been chilling today really and now I'm in my room listening to music and chatting to some people over here. Plus I don't have to be in early for work tomorrow as I found out the Holijays event isn't going ahead now as there was no place on the bus. Anyway I'm off to bed and wrap up as its getting cold now even with the window closed and the heating on! Well it is -11c with a wind chill making it feel like -19c.


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All My Paper Work Is Done!

overcast 3 °C


Well, finally I have done all the documentations for work now and I finally have my proper Social Insurance Number so I can get paid now! Been doing quite a bit of stuff at work recently like making volcanic eruptions with vinegar and baking soda but we even made the play dough so that we could make the volcanoes too. Food colouring added to the effect too. Been getting pretty stressful in the run up to Christmas with the kids and them being all hyped up and stuff about it. Today we had a quiz show and my team one by 100 points and I also found out that I don't have to be up early on Friday as the Holijays event with the Toronto BlueJays didn't go ahead as the places were already taken up and they couldn't squeeze us in on the bus going there so I am gutted about that as I was going to meet the team but never mind. Instead I will be going to the Royal Bank of Canada with the kids in the afternoon for a trip into the vault. The reason we are going there is because they fund the afterschool project and we thought we would show up for them.

Apart from that it has been studying, studying & more studying as we have a Global exam tomorrow morning at 8am so an early night too. Actually just been studying in the canteen on the main campus and around half sevenish they closed the counters and all the danish, muffins, DOs, timbits etc were put on a table in the middle of the canteen and just there for any students in the canteen at the time to just take them for free, so now I am quite full, probs ate more stuff in those 20 minutes than in the last three days. Recently with exams going on and being busy, busy, busy at work I've just not eaten. Oh well I could do with cutting back on some food! Prove to Tink that I aint no fat guy when I come back as she always teases me with it...

Anyway off to do somemore studying now so catch you laters and wish me luck!!!


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Now It's Starting To Get Chilly!

We Had Real Snow Today!

sunny -4 °C


Well actually the cold weather started around the 1st of December with -1c temperatures and today the weather network said it was -4c (whilst I am writing this with a wind chill factor making it feel like -10c). So starting to get cold around here! Predictions for Thursday I think was a daily high of -5c so we can possibly see it cooling down to atleast -15c or even -20c when I leave Toronto to come home for Christmas.

So, Classes are over now and all I have left are two exams to go so I can work everyday weekday until the 18th now. Unfortunately, I won't get paid until I come back in January as I was told today that I need a police check. If they had told me this two weeks ago when I started then I would have been paid by now for those first two weeks. Luckily for me these four weeks of work will all get banked up until my police check comes through so should be nice that I'll have some money waiting for me when I come back after Christmas (I think around $300 or something like that so we'll see if my account balance in my Canadian account has gone up from $5). So that should last me some time as I think I have learnt my money lesson now which I still stand by the excuse of "I'm a tourist and I wanted to do everything before the real work started!". Plus when the new exchange students come here in the winter semester I would have done most of the things so I won't need to do it all again.

Anyway, had a stressful day at work with kids screaming and fighting (which was a first) but the activity was making food necklaces with strawberries, oranges, bananas and grapes, which was de-lish! we also had apples to play with so we grabbed some bowls of water and did apple bobbing and we had some tied to string and hung from the ceiling and apple bobbed that way too. Afterwards we had planned for next month to go to the gym to play sports and go ice skating as well as luckily the politician for this district/ward apparently does a lot of work with children like having events around town etc and this time he is like renting out ice skates so that every child could go ice skating...even big kids like me.

So got back from work and had Katherine messaging me on msn saying it's snowing and quite heavily! It was actually sticking to the ground this time unlike the other five times where it just melted as soon as it hit the ground. So may check out the roof in a second to see what its like out there. Chris asked me to take my window out so that she could get a picture from leaning out the window. She asked me as her window is bolted shut (you can still open it but not take it off) where as I can.

Anyway an early rise for me tomorrow as I have to meet Catherine (my boss) to hand her some financial forms so that they can pay me and hand in my police check forms as well as her to sign a letter of employment so that the people uptown can actually process me with my actual SIN card instead of the screw up last time so hopefully I can get that sorted tomorrow and then just pass my SIN details to Catherine so that I can get paid from Novemebr 21st - December 18th. I'm even working on my birthday, but I don't mind that as we have a Christmas party so free fod and drinks so we'll see what happens but I'm scheduled in for everyday (4th-6th, 8th, 11th - 15th and then the 18th December and just incase you were wondering I have an exam on the 7th and after that I am revising for my other exam on the 9th, plus head staff said take a break from work...hehe).

Although things are looking good over here in Toronto, I really can't wait to come home and see everyone again and plus I don't know what I was thinking way back in the year of staying here for Christmas! No-one would be around for starters and I can't exactly cook Christmas dinner for one now, plus I'm not missing Christmas at the pub either. To be honest, I'm very excited about coming home but not looking forward to the 19th as I will be at the airport from midday as I'm going to the airport with Chris and her flight leaves for Calgary at 3ish and my flight is at 5:10pm so I'll be hanging around the airport for a while and then have 8 hours on the plane with a complete stranger, which could be fun but you never know! But when I touch down in Manchester it'll be good. Can't wait for good old Fish and Chips and real chocolate.

Anyways I'm going to leave it here before I waffle on too much...too late I guess!


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