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Game On!

Back At The Raptors

snow -8 °C


I know it has been a while since I last wrote on here but I have been pretty busy with work at uni and with work with the kids. Well this week I have had off with March break with the kids but still been in for staff meetings on how to combat certain issues and things to do with them over the summer months (well April - June). Seems like it's going to get busy especially around exam time and luckily for me I don't have to take time off work as I can fit my studying around work too and still have plenty of study time. So if I can survive this month then I can survive the exam period.

So since I last wrote to you guys, I've been paid from work...nice one months wages! Been a tour guide yet again as Kat has her sister and boyfriend round so Kat and I were showing them around on Thursday. What else? ... erm... Oh yeah I have grown an addiction to Windows Movie Maker. I am currently working on a project of my time here at Ryerson and then my summer travels etc, etc. So far I've spent more time on there than at the gym this week, which is quite bad!

So tonight I went to see the Raptors again at home to the Houston Rockets and couldn't you tell who the main man in town was? Yao Ming! The 7'6ft centre has any city with a Chinese population go crazy. Even before the game I turned up to the Air Canada City and I was walking in with a few thousand Chinese people who were surrounding me. The place errupted with cheer when they introduced him to the game in the pre-game show and just my luck to be surrounded by hundreds of them and some of them to be supporting the Rockets solely because of Yao Ming. Anyways, Raptors lost 100 - 114 and was a shocking game really defence wise and no one was rebounding in the key. Field goals were rubbish and in the 3 point regions they just walked all over us. The good side is that I get a free slice of pizza tomorrow as the Raptors scored 100 points. So yay for me! Or I may just keep the ticket for the scrap book.

St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and I've been waiting for this day for a while now as we thought this day was big in the UK and Ireland but over here from what I have heard its crazy! But I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow as I go to the Irish Embassy (Pub) in the afternoon and then to Maddys in the evening for more crazy madness and possibly more singing, which we haven't done for a while.

Anyways off to bed now so night night


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I've Found Something, Finally!

Something To Do Over The Weekends

sunny -20 °C


Well after the ice storm we encountered in Toronto, which adds to the madness of Toronto's unpredictable weather in recent times, we had a pretty decent weekend. Then again I wouldn't really know about it as I spent most of the time either in bed recovering from late nights doing work or chilling at either Kat's or Louie's or I was at the gym. Yes I've finally discovered that the gym is the ideal place to go early morning over the weekend as no-one really wants to get up to slave away but the clever people go because also no-one is around to see you if you feel like a complete prat doing some of the exercises or lifting weights which isn't even half of what you see others doing. So I'm on the up with the feel good factor but we'll see if I can keep this up until end of June.

Anyways got a busy weekend planned by the sounds of it and seems like other people are just including me on their plans before they even say anything to me and hopefully on Thursday night its just chilling at rez somewhere either in ILLC or Pitman and then Friday night is the Ryerson Semi-formal party. The weekend will also be fun filled at the gym too just to cancel out any drinking and rubbish that my body takes in (although a Big Slice sounds really nice right about now...mmmmm). Besides, I've been really good to myself recently and left the junk food behind so pat on the back for David please...

Anyways its late over here so I'm going to call it quits now plus I am in class in 3 hours time, which isn't healthy for me.

Night night


PS: Thought you should know that it is -20 outside with a wind chill of -31... nice eh?

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Well Actually We'll Have An Ice Storm

storm -10 °C


So what a way to start off March, stuck in an ice storm. Well not really stuck. I had to go downtown to pay my Rogers Mobile bill in the storm too. As it is usually a 15 minute walk downtown to Front Street I decided to walk. Half an hour later I finally get to Front Street and then another 10 minutes looking for the bloody shop I had to pay my bills at. I turned up at Rogers looking like Old Man Winter with hair going in all directions, frozen, white and then when I was inside for less than 2 minutes, my hair finally started to melt and I was dripping all over the place. It was even worse at Burger King where I went for lunch before work. With conditions getting worse, I turned up to work to find out that it had been cancelled for the day. Luckily for me it is only around the corner from where I live so no big deal.

So to re-cap on the week here, it has pretty much been snowing again just as we thought we were getting rid of it, a foot of snow fell over the weekend and now this ice storm which seems to be in for the rest of the day and all through the night, which sucks as I got to go to the gym tonight as I've missed the last two days.

Also had my final mid term exam today, which I thought went pretty well considering when I first looked at the questions, I absolutely bricked it. Then actually when I read the questions again and got into the swing of things the questions became clearer so see how I do when I get the results back which should be in about 2 weeks.

This storm already is getting on my nerves. The building is shaking every so often and the windows are rattling loudly. Must be the reason why I haven't had much sleep in recent days because of the storm but also with strong gale force winds we've been having here over the past few nights.

Anyways, I shall catch you next time,


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Coming To An End

Sian Has Gone Home Now

sunny -2 °C


As reading week draws to a close nearly I think its time to reflect on the weeks activities as I can tell you now that reading week isn't for reading because no student I know actually has done.

So Sunday came and I got a phone call from Kat asking if I fancied a trip up to China Town and Kensington Market to show Sian around the place. I didn't realise it was -13 when I went out so I had Kat and Sian constantly asking me if I was ok as I went out in a jacket and cargo pants. Turns out I didn't really feel the cold until we were on our way back after a Tim Hortons stop for hot chocolate (This was 4 hours after we set off). Anyways through the markets of China Town and Kensington we went into numerous costume shops and tried on some stuff as people are getting ready for St. Paddy's Day which isn't for another 3 weeks. Sian got a few things from China Town for home and then Kat insisted on taking Sian to the condom shack which was kind of like a small Ann Summers with a Canadian twist sort of. Had some laughs in there for what we found from badges to novelty phones etc, etc (I'll spare the details).

Tuesday was Pancake Day and apparently Mardi Gras so at work we made face masks and at the ILLC after work Sian, Kat, Louie, David and I made pancakes with orange and lemon juice, sugar, ice cream and golden syrup. Such a good night as none of us knew how much of each thing to put in so we played trial and error, which we actually got first time round so yay for us.

Wednesday was at Mick E Fynns with the gang for a nice relaxing night and I shocked everyone when I said I wasn't drinking. I even shocked Adrian (guy who works behind the bar). Anyways we a nice night as I beat Louie twice at pool after his usual jokes about him being the best in the world.

Thursday was Sian's last night in Toronto so we planned to take her out to the Madison, which got changed to Piccadillys and then changed again to Brunswick house for a Cancun party. Eitherway Sian wanted to get absolutely wasted. So after god knows how much alcohol they had back at Pitman and at Brunswick we ended up chilling at Louie's until 6am. Sian just kept drinking all night even at Louie's. So silly for me had loads of energy when we all left Louie to finally go to bed. I just went back to mine, dropped off all my stuff and grabbed my gym stuff and went to the gym which opened at 6:30am and I played basketball and had a mess around for an hour and a half then crashed out on my bed at 9am.

Work when I woke up but before work I went round to Pitman to say bye to Sian and blah blah blah then of to work where we did homework for like 10 minutes (whoever had it) and then we watched Racing Stripes. It was better than I expected actually. Then I spent all night at Louie's watching movies on my laptop. Only on my laptop as he has got lots of dvds from England and realised that they won't work on his laptop as he bought his laptop in Canada and its not multi-region.

So this has been the end of my fun filled reading week in Toronto. Now back to lazy weekends and finish off some plans for next month at work.

Anyways best be back to that so catch you laters


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Its Getting Hot In Here...

...Pitman Halls on Fire!

snow -10 °C


I'm back into full swing now writing this more than just once a week! Anyway back to Toronto. I survived one of the biggest disasters at Ryerson University. We had a fire at Pitman Hall Student Residence on Friday night. It all started in Kat's room with Kat [obviously], Sian (friend who came to visit from the UK and arrived on Friday), Karen, Ian, John, Louie, Ivorie, Laura, Carolyn, Jess and I (big crowd I know) having a laugh and drinking before we all headed out to Guvernment for an all ages event. Then about 10 minutes after Louie, John and I showed up from the ILLC the fire alarm went off and we all thought it was just a drill because Pitman get drills all the time so we were debating on going or not. However the floor reps came and ordered us to evacuate the building. So being good little boys and girls we left down the fire exit and out into the blistering cold weather. After the fire servies showed up Louie and I had decided to go to Dominion where it was warmer and told the others to come and the chill in the ILLC where agains its warmer. Turns out when we got there they had sneaked back inside and carried on drinking in Kat's room. We showed up downstairs and were told to go the Canteen and wait for further instructions. Turns out there was an actual fire but rumours went round to where it was exactly. Some said the 6th floor, some said the 13th and 14th but no-one actually knew. So Louie and I spent half an hour in the Canteen with Holley playing around with my camera.

Finally we are allowed back up and we catch up with Kat and the gang drinking and mildly intoxicated. Finally after a few shots of this and chugs of that we set off for Guvernment. We ended up in a race between both cabs one with Kat, Sian, Karen and Carolyn Vs Louie, John, Ian and myself. We won but on the way we were exchanging sweet messages to each other and throwing things like gum at each other. When we got there we were boasting that we won but then the girls got us back thanks to Carolyn flirting with the cab driver and then he let them have a free ride.

We spent most of the night looking for Louie and John as when we went in we went straight to the bar and turned round realising that Louie and John weren't with us. They had gone back to Pitman because John forgot his ID.

Big Slice after the Guvs and a trip home downtown via a Hippy decorated school bus. The ride was a bit bumpy but we finally got to ride in one. Kat bless her, was given the mega phone to talk to us and when she is drunk she likes to talk louder! Well with a mega phone we became deaf. Good fun though I must admit. We all stole Sian's Big Slice virginity and she was gobsmacked when she saw the size of the slices here. We warned her about it being big but she didn't know we meant huge!

But the main focus of the story was that I survived the disaster of some small fire that no-one knew where it was in the res but atleast I can say I was there and then over exaggerate it to people here.


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Snow Day!

We got loads!

snow -13 °C


Again been over a week since my last entry...whoops! Anyways not really been much to talk about over the past seven days apart from another mid term which was a piece of cake, another night at the Ram for the guitar guy and working as the promotional team at the ram...sort of... Online advertising on myspace and facebook.

Anyway, took the kids to the gym for the first time and I've never been more nervous about "coaching" kids before. Maybe because not everyone wanted to do basketball or sports. So luckily I had a few tricks up my sleeve and a good memory of games I used to play at Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Overall I think I got a good session with them and surprisingly some of the staff saw how much fun the kids were having that they joined in too.

Apart from that I spent most of the weekend in London. No, London in Ontario (about 2 hours WestSW on the train). So my first real roadtrip and getting a taste for the summer to come.

Anyways more about that on the out and about journal.


Temp... -13
Wind Chill making it feel like... - 25

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The Sunday Of All Sundays

Superbowl comes to .... Miami

snow -25 °C


You guessed it Super Bowl Sunday and to my surprise...well not really but I would have expected a bit more hype around it especially with Toronto being so close to the U.S. border. But anyway I was all geared up to watch it at my place with pizza and southern comfort...not the best mix but it'll do for the whole 4 hours it was on. The game is only 60 minutes in length but we all know the American concentration span is less than 2 plays in the game. It was P'sing down with rain in Miami and it was -29 (windchill) in Toronto so I was glad to be indoors. To be honest it felt weird watching the Super Bowl. Usually it takes me about a week to watch the recorded version on Dad's TV as we'd watch a bit in the morning and then some at night maybe and because the game lasted so long it took us a long time. Also I was watching the biggest sporting sunday event live and in another country and to be truly honest I wish I went to the pub to watch the game but because it was so cold I thought not and got the pizza delivered. Anyways I won't go on too much about the game because I know a certain person back home hasn't watched it so my lips are sealed.

Now for the round up of the past week starting with last Monday which was where I left you last time. So after the lab session I went to the gym for a bit and bumped into Kat and her 10th floor gym crew. Later on I met up with Louie and Mike for chilling at the Ram for some pool before Johny, Craig, Michell and Ben turned up and we ended up chilling with the bar staff and manager (who was off duty...so naturally pissed as a fart!). This lead to us staying behind during the lock in as the staff cleaned up and we were listening to Don Campbell playing his guitar and singing along to whatever we requested. Good night really even if we did go back to Craig's to chill with his guitar and more beers until 3:30am... That hurt the next morning to get up for class at 8am. So after class came back chilled on the laptop for a bit before going back in for another class and then passing out on the bed before work. The usual week followed after that...class at 9 - 10 on Wednesday and Thursday followed by work and the usual Wednesday Exchange Pub Night for Matty's birthday who we didn't really see much of as nearly everyone in the place had turned up to see him or knew him and just happened to be there.

Other than that its been taking it easy on the alcohol (not been out drinking since wednesday...ok little lie i was drinking on saturday night in Pitman but only had two drinks and the one southern comfort on sunday for the Super Bowl) so really I've been good to myself. Easy night tonight at the gym and the Ram straight after so will only have the one drink and then stay on coke or whatever non-alcoholic. Now I got to be getting back to class now so I'll catch up another time...probably the way I'm going it'll be next Monday but I hope not so anyways catch you later


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I Got Paid!!!

sunny -15 °C


Like it says in the titles...yes I have finally been paid from work! Took them bloody long enough (60 hours owed I think it was) so $583.37 in the bank...woohoo...

Anyways, away from that now and a recap on the week as it has been over a week now since I last wrote on here (starting to become lazy on this now and struggling to keep it up) but anyway was in uni yet again early in the morning from 9 but until 6 this time as I needed a break from work so I took the later class from 4 - 6 instead, which the prof had nothing against it anyway so took the 2 hour break just curled up in the comfy chairs at uni and almost fell asleep in them but thanks to Dunnie texting me so I was wide awake.

Other than that when I got back I was proper knackered so konked out on the bed for a while! Anyways Tuesday and Wednesday was full of hype for the NHL all stars games (the young stars and the all stars) so for two nights running I was glued to the TV watching the Eastern conference (who I was supporting) won on Tuesday 9 - 8 against the West in the young stars game and then 15 - 11 in the super skills tournament. Unfortunately the All Stars game on the Wednesday we lost 9 - 12 to the West so every bar was packed watching the game around the university blocks of Toronto. So after the game Louie and I hit Fynns where all the exchange students were and some southerner bloody hell, she thought I was Canadian yet couldn't tell my accent was English...bless her she must have been really drunk!

Thursday was the Marlies game down at the Air Canada Centre against San Antonio Rampage...unfortunately we got beat 4 - 2 but overall it was a good game to watch considering it was the second string team and feeder team to the Maple Leafs.

Friday was another night downtown with Karen and Ian but we actually got into the club we were going for last week before Republik but Ian was wearing runners last week so this time he learnt his lesson...club was a bit over rated for my likings but drinks were fairly cheap.

So another late night for David and another early rise on Saturday as I had training for work first thing in the morning for 4 hours and it was about how to identify abuse in the work place or at a child's household etc, etc...

Apart from that, today is really dragging and I'm due back at uni at 4 for 2 hours for Geographic Information Sciences in the GIS labs so glad to be on a break now and finish this before I forget about it and leave it ... again...

Anyways, I better go for now


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England, eh?

Meeting the new exchange students

snow -10 °C


It's about time too! Finally got round to meeting the new exchange students at Ryerson University on Wednesday night at Mick E Fynns as the original plan to go to Karaoke fell through and no one could be bothered going so instead the four original Brits (John, Kat, Louie and I) chilled at Louie's for a bit before hitting Mick E Fynns. As soon as we got there we went over to see Matty who was with the new bunch and then for the next 30 minutes I was introduced to more Brits and Aussies in my entire life. Matty and Adam pretty much dragged us round Fynns to introduce us to everyone...felt quite special then. Signed up for a few events coming up too like another Raptors game but in the upper bowl so cheap tickets and then a Toronto Marlies hockey game. The Marlies is the second string of the Mapleleafs who play in the AHL not the NHL but still its a hockey game. I think we are trying to see if we can go to watch the Toronto Rock too (Lacrosse).

So again usual busy week at uni and chilling during the night so on Thursday after watching the Leafs we [Louie, Rebecca, Tara, Malcolm, Craig, Sheel, Brent and I] chilled at Rams most of the night and then back at res (ILLC) with Craig whilst playing NHL 07 and chilling on the sofa until 2am so usual late night for Thursday. So early Friday rise for Recreation Analysis with Kat and we watched Baraka which is a documentary film where it just shows clips from around the world with music...weird but quite effective showing the differences in culture and lifestyles around the world.

Went to work Friday too expecting them to be hyper with it being Friday but nope we watched a movie the whole time so not bad getting paid to watch a film and then walk them home. So out again Friday night with Kat, Karen, Ian, Jess and Carolyn to Republik downtown. Another late night but atleast it was the weekend so pretty much just chilled over the weekend and now we are here about to go to bed as I'm in uni 9 - 4 tomorrow so best get to bed so night night.


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Long Week

Busy Busy Busy

sunny -12 °C


Sorry for not writing sooner just been busy busy busy recently...mainly social but you know us students. Anyway, so yeah wednesday didn't get upto much during the day apart from work and then met up with Louie, Craig and the other 7th floor bandits from ILLC to go to Hoops Karaoke which was a blast! We owned the floor pretty much. Again I sang Walking in Memphis (seems to be my song here in Canada or when people hear it they think of me...when they have admitted it anyway)...

Thursday seemed again a normal day at uni, getting up at a ridiculous time just to be in uni for an hour then the rest of the day off until work again... seems to be a trend starting here... until a few of us went to the Ram for dinner and watched the leafs for the first two perioda before driving to Maddys for the final period. Surprisingly the leafs won 4 - 2 at Buffalo so the place was going crazy and then we went up to the piano bar for the rest of the night... It was Jess' and Carolyn's first times there (J & C are friends of Kat's) so being all legal now (19 remember) we took them out! Awesome night as always and pictures are up on the website so check them out! Yes mum you can start worrying about my liver again... just kidding!

Friday...well after three straight nights of partying...i felt like crap... so after a meal with Kat again at the Ram I just went back to mine and passed out on the bed and when i woke up (2:30am) I found two messages on my phone. It was Louie asking where I was as I was meant to meet him and John at the Ram for drinks and pool...but that didn't work did it now! nope! Anyway so saturday was pretty much the same as all saturdays, lazy days in the flat just with a slight twist. I had an assignment to do for MMU back home so i was doing all research and stuff for it to write it up on sunday.

Sunday again usual boring day with a 3 hours study break after 6 hours straight of writing up and stuff. Came back and had a movie night with Jaclyn, Alex, Cadence, Dev, Claudio & Leanna. Was good, we watched sleepy hollow, aeon flux and wedding crashers...was a good night actually! Full of laughs and just a huge chill out after a busy week.

Apart from that nothing special has happened apart from uni and work so keep reading this space and check out the site.


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