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Summer Is Definately Here

Because David Got Sun Burnt ... Again

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Well again, I seem to have gone back to weekly reviews of David's life here in Toronto. Anyways so starting with me finally finishing at Ryerson University for the year now and really forever! Exam on Monday, which seemed to be okay, Tuesday's Cyberspace exam again went better than I thought and Thursday's GIS exam was even better, considering my prof can hardly speak a word of understandable English to an english guy... The Canadians may have understood her but I sure as hell didn't.

So away from the academics now and another fully loaded week here in Canada starting on Monday with an all nighter at Craig's playing NHL on his X-box and Louie kept telling me to go home and revise for my exam when really I had done so and was chilling for the rest of the night.

Tuesday was the re-start of my goodbyes after Carolyn left us on Sunday, as Rebecca and Tara both went home Tuesday night, luckily both of them live pretty close (well Tara is 2 hours on the train). Felt strange saying goodbye to people in res as really last year was not quite res and I chilled with my mates back home and saying bye to my mates back home is different because I'm coming back whereas these guy I won't see for a long time and the majority probably never again.

Wednesday was a long day with a day off uni and exams and just a day of chilling before heading to work. Well, before work I had to go to the ILLC and say bye to Michell who went back to Singapore that night. Was kinda sad as Michell (Mitch) was also one of the lads who always came out and had a good time and so on and it was just sad to watch him go.

Same old Wednesday at work with Taekwando with the kids as I sat outside and revised for my GIS exam [thursday] but then straight after work, Pam and I walked the kids home and then straight back to work for a meeting, which lasted 2 hours before we called it quits and still we hadn't really finished discussing what we were meant to be discussing so anyways off to the Ram I went to meet the third year Geos for their final meal as some of them are coming to England to study so I'm guessing that was why I was invited too because I knew Manchester and MMU etc, etc.

After that I went back to Wycik to chill at 11c with Jac, Dev, Claudio, Alex, Max, Leanna and the crew for a good few hours before calling it quits at 3am after Big Slice with Claudio. Then I got back to my place and realised I didn't know what time or where my exam was on Thursday so I raced to the laptop to check and luckily I had some sort of rest before my exam as it wasn't until 11:30.

Thursday finally finished at Ryerson after my exam and then lunch with Kat before planning her summer trip with her and getting all the hostels sorted etc and again before work. Came back after work to finish planning with Kat before getting mildly intoxicated with a bottle of wine along with Kat and Ivorie in Pitman.

Friday felt soooooooooo good as I had finished at Ryerson and the summer was mine now. Had a party at work as Li-Ming was leaving us to go out and find a teaching job but she decided to have a fiesta and everyone had spanish names (I was Rafael) and we had a spanish lesson plus a piƱata. After walking the kids home, Pam and I walked back to work to meet the others as we went out to go to the Korean Grill House for a staff meal before Fynns for a party, which included lots of drinks and a 4 Vs 4 game of pool. Ended up walking Pam home as she got a little drunk, which was quite funny as she was telling me all these things to do in Nova Scotia and stuff that they do when drunk so seems like I will have a good time over there.

Saturday, was meant to go to the zoo with Mike, Louie and Dave but because of the night before...it didn't happen as I didn't wake up in time. However I did end up moving Kat's stuff out of Pitman with her and into Wycik as well as saying goodbye to Jess as Kat and I helped Jess and her dad to move some stuff down to their car before driving back to Buffalo.

Later that night, Kat and I hit the town with Karen and Ian starting at Wycik with some drinks before going to Piccadillys and then Gabbys for some drinks, music and dance. Good night really and I even got evicted to the sofa bed in the lounge (not really I offered her the bed and I stay in the lounge). Plus the sofa bed is nicer than the floor in the hostel Chris and I stayed at.

Sunday...wow a hot day in Toronto as Ian and I went to watch the Blue Jays with free tickets and man we had some good tickets. Right behind the play. Again almost got hit with the ball but instead of me, it hit the stands, bounced to the floor and bounced back into someone's face at quite a pace too before going behind him for someone else to catch. The game lasted 3 hours in the blistering heat and the roof was open at the stadium so yes guys, David got a little sun burnt on his fore arms and a little under the eyes. The mass amount of hair saved my neck and sides of my face, which was nice. If you are wondering about Kat, we had it covered. Karen came down to drop Ian off at mine but instead came down and chilled with Kat at Wycik to catch some rays on the rooftop. So after saying goodbye to Karen and Ian, Kat and I have pretty much just chilled at mine watching TV whilst slowly falling asleep and then being woken up by the phone in my room. Turned out to be Dunnie, Claire, Stacey and Carly and they decided to talk to me for a while and mounting up on Carly's phone bill.

Anyways back to the tv to chill nwo so catch you guys laters


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