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So we'll start on the 13th when I was at work for Devantay's birthday. Taking pictures of the whole thing when I passed my camera to Deb (another staff member) and just when I thought she had it, I let go and fell to the floor...shock horror... well actually it was shock horror when I took it to the camera shop to see about fixing it and when they came out with the estimate of around $160 then I realised it was time to bring out the minolta and stick some film in it again, which I haven't done for a while!

So after work it was time to finally go out with the geography students at Mick E Fynns for the final pub night of the academic year. So without a camera I was a little on the buggered side and I didn't want to take out my SLR as one its fairly big compared to my digital camera and two, if I put it down I wouldn't know if I would find it again or someone would walk out with it. So got talking to some students who are coming to Manchester for next year so yay got some Ryerson peeps coming back with me whoo! So I was telling them all about Manchester and so on and they seemed to be really pumped about coming here [Manchester], which was nice to see. Overall it was a good night with the Geos and some professors well Steve and Frank both of them are from England; Swales (Steve) is from Yorkshire and Frank is from good old Bolton so naturally they were drinking away and dancing on the dance floor with our lady Geos.

So it comes to Monday and exams started at 8am...not good! although by 10am I was done for the week. So all week it has been relaxing in the sun with some studying for my other exams (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday coming) and for the past 3 days its been sunny as ever and Kat got sun burnt and even without suncream I didn't burn at all...well I am a little coloured but nothing drastic as you guys back home know how bad I get.

Thursday the worse thing happened. My mobile phone broke!!! It fell out of my pocket onto the floor and broke the switch on button which I thought was strange as its fallen out of my pockets all the time so unfortunately I can't call anyone or anyone call me when I'm not at Wycik...bugger! So anyway...

...Friday (20th) was Mike's birthday so the guys headed out to Mick E Fynns for a night out playing pool which I can say that I was amazing for once with Sheel as we went 6 games unbeaten after everyone challenged us. Saturday was Rebecca's birthday so yet again headed out to District for a night out with Rebecca's friends from the ILLC and her RTA course and me (who is in neither ILLC or course group). Paid the bouncers $10 to skip the line up and an ID check but somehow didn't get us past the body searches and bag checks, which stupidly enough was on a set of stairs and not on the ground where it is safer too. So anyways come home around 3ish after walking back from the Entertainment District (ED) and then crawl straight back into bed.

Sunday comes and Mike, Louie and I planned to go to the zoo with Craig and Tash. Craig and Tash were in Pickering as the rest of us were downtown and we were going to leave at 12pm to get there for 1ish...2pm comes and Mike, Louie and I decide to call Craig to find out where he is...Too much of a hangover and he is just leaving with Tash so we decide to meet him in Scarborough where the zoo is pretty close to. Anyways we finally meet Craig at 3:40pm where it would be around 4 - 4:30 when we get there and the zoo closes at 6 so in the end we decided to go back home. Well Louie stayed at the ILLC while Craig, Tash, Mike and I decided to go to the beaches in Toronto, yes we do have them and lots of them.

So anyway sapart from soaking in the sun its been a pretty sweet week for me here in Toronto and now back to a week of hell with three exams in four days. I'm quite lucky compared to others but to make things worse this week starts with Carolyn back home as she has finished and moved back home, Mitch goes to Singapore on Wednesday, Rebecca and Tara move out on Tuesday, Craig leaves on Thursday, Mike and Louie go to New Market on Saturday and I'm here on my own! Well from ILLC anyway... I got another week with Kat in Québec which has been booked now, well just got to book the tickets after the exam on Monday or Tuesday so we got time to place two people on the train from here to Montréal, Québec and Ottawa for 8 days.

So almost done here at Ryerson University and really academically its been good but glad to have finished and socially, I've had the time of my life here and its going to be sad when everyone leaves.

So anyways early rise tomorrow for last minute studying before my exam at 3pm.


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