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It Really Has Been A Long Time!

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Recently, I have been busy with things in life over here in Toronto especially work and having Liz over and shocking my parents with a girlfriend! Well I am currently typing this during my last night in Toronto properly as I officially hit the road as of 5pm tomorrow [Monday], when I leave Toronto and head off to St. John's in Newfoundland.

It has really been a week full of goodbyes here in Toronto as during the week I have said goodbye to Dave Hill, who went back to London, Ontario on Wednesday as did Liz back to Southport. Also more recently at work with everyone of the kids and staff. We finished program with a huge water fight, which the kids in my opinion loved it! One kid wanted to join in but "was not allowed to get wet". We have all used that excuse before and back in the day, which kind of makes it pointless in joining in the water fight if you can't get bl**dy wet!

Anyways I am currently at Pam's place doing some last minute laundry as we were the night before as well. Monday will be a big day with last minute packing, room inspections, hopefully a hair cut and a subway ride to the airport.

So a round up of latest events. Today was the Pride parade and t went on for hours in the dying heat. Thank god that most of the floats were loaded with water guns and that Karen, Ian, Pam and I all had bottles of water too.

Decided to go to the Toronto Islands again for a quiet chill and some time with Pam in the evening and I must admit that it is the best time to go as the skyline of mainland Toronto is just fantastic and just something that would blow you away...well it did me anyways.

Sorry if it seems I am rushing things but I must get back to doing things here so from now on (unless I am in Toronto), you should check out my next blog which I started for when I was on the road with Katherine for our little French trip to Montréal, Québec City and Ottawa.

So goodnight for now and hopefully I can keep this updated alot more often now I am on the road. Same goes for my website too fingers crossed!


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Its Only 30 Degrees Outside!

Only Got Burnt...Again

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It is really hotting up in Toronto with the temperature ranging in the high 20s and low 30s. Yes it is still only May as well. But it is not too early for David to start on his sun burn spree either. That's right, my neck, fore arms and the back of my legs are red! Whoo! Some colour to David's legs for once...just burning a little bit.

So decided to do a bit of sightseeing now that Liz is here for a visit so on Friday we headed down to the Harbourfront for a meal before chilling back at my place for an early night. Saturday was on the tour buses in Toronto with our friendly tour guide Mindy, who was easily distracted to our amusment but it was better than most tour guides. Found out way too much new stuff about Toronto than I found out living here for the past nine months. Quite good actually and it is cheaper than the London tour buses too.

Sunday it started to rain...thank the lord...we needed to cool down and then. Monday was the usual apart from acting as super heroes again (Pam and I) as Deb's car got broken into at work so we managed to chase the guy down and Pam found him coming up the stairs with us behind him. Few drinks at Mick E Fynns to cool down after that with Liz, Pam, Gemma and Andreas, which was nice and chilled.

Tuesday, Liz and I baked on the Toronto Islands before I headed to work for Monica's birthday, which the staff and kids all did as a surprise even the distraction to bring Monica into the front of the room. One of the kids pretended to faint and all the kids pretended to panic. Then Monica comes in and then sees Pam holding the birthday cake and me with the camera and everyone singing Happy Birthday.

Today was a boring day where we had a nice lie in and then I went to work for three hours and then just chilled with Pam after work as Liz had gone out with some girls she met on the roof so I was chilling until 9ish before heading back.

Now I'm chilling in my room still waiting for Liz to come back as I have the keys and she doesn't so off to meet her downstairs.

Night Night


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Crazy Days

This Is A Surprise!

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So I kind of realised that it has been a while since I last wrote on here so trying to recap on what I did and nothing much really. Starting with Saturday [12th] and finally recovered from a night out with Andreas in the downtown region and got up to meet Hilary who just got back from Paris from her exchange so we sat in Starbucks for a few hours just chilling and having a laugh and going on about her travels to places whilst away in Paris. Three hours later, I had to run to the LCBO to grab a bottle of wine to take round to Pam's who decided to make me dinner, which was nice of her and delish. Also went to watch Spiderman 3 with her at the Rainbow cinema. Now Spiderman 3, I thought was different to the other two movies and to be honest not as good but don't get me wrong it is a good film but just not as good as I hoped. Best moment was when ... As if I'm going to tell you what happens!!

Monday was like any other Monday...long and boring! Tuesday was full of surprises for two reasons. Firstly I was at St. Lawrence market with Dave Hill having yes fish and chips for lunch but coming back up the road to go to work and some dude runs past us and then a few seconds later we hear another man screaming "Stop that man!!!". Not realising at first what happened we thought nothing of it and then when we saw the dude drop a wallet and money on the floor we decided to chase after him for a few blocks as he still had a few hundred dollars on him even without the wallet and small amount he dropped, which I assume was to slow us down. So chasing him around the area he turns down a side street, which I thought I could cut him off by going down another street to block the way and the rest of the group followed him. Never saw anyone again after 20 minutes. So secondly we had magical moments at work which consisted of magic tricks from Monica and myself with bits and pieces and mainly me with a deck or two of cards. Also I finally get hold of Dad to wish him a happy birthday at 11pm [UK Times] after trying all day but no luck.

Wednesday was the usual TKD day with work but with the kids screaming at me to take pictures of them by fountains on the walk there and back. Wednesday night I went to O'Grady's to meet Hilary again to watch her boyfriend perform (he is in a band with a few friends who are actually quite good) and for some free pool too.

Thursday night was meant to be a night at the Madison but getting there after 9pm they rejected me because after 9pm it becomes a 21s and over bar. Pain in the backside at times I tell you! So screwed up plans meeting friends that night.

Friday was a movie night at work so nothing to do there apart from Pam and I were going through pictures to sort out for my activites over the final few weeks at work. Then hit the downtown again with Andreas for a birthday party I got invited to by Hilary and Anastassia (Hilary's friend) to Republik for drunken madness. Turns out it was such a good night and Andreas and I at around 3am grabbing some food at a restaurant we just couldn't finish but it was so nice what we had.

Saturday night was another party for David but up in Mississauga for Josh (Tash's brother (if you didn't know already Tash is Craig's girlfriend and if you didn't know Craig, he is a guy who lived on Louie's floor in res and Louie is an exchange student from MMU...just thought I'd clear a few things). Anyways so big party in the basement, which we ended up crashing there and then waking up on the Sunday was Mum's birthday which again I couldn't get hold of so ended up leaving a message on Dad's answering machine but turns out Mum didn't get it in time so called on Monday to wish her a happy belated as well. A few of us went to play hockey for three hours in the sun. Was my first game of hockey (on foot as no one had size 13 roller blades) and picked up 5 points whoo! (1 goal and 4 assists). Anyways had a blast there before Craig dropped me off back in Toronto and then it was straight to Mick E Fynns for drinks with Pam.

Monday was Victoria Day here in Canada and so it was a bank holiday so yay for me having time off work! Met Pam later on that day to meet some of her family who were in the area for a visit and ended up having a meal with them and saw the cutest twins ever. Then when Pam and I left we went to grab a Tim Horton's and then go to my rooftop to watch the fireworks going off all over the city. Turns out the rest of Wycik had the same idea! The roof was packed with people watching them go off especially around the beaches area where apparently people with a load of money live which would explain the huge firework displays going off.

So that is the round up for the last 10 days here in Toronto and I promise (I know I keep saying this) to keep up and update this site more often.

Anyways off to tidy my room...again


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Back In Toronto

Back To Work Too!

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Well I have been back in Toronto now since Tuesday afternoon and have been busy literally since I got back. Went into work that day and had all the kids asking me where I had been and asking me all sorts of questions about the trip. Also went to Mick E Fynns that night to meet a few people who we won't see for a while! Came back rather drunk...whoops!

Wednesday was my final night with Kat here in Toronto and we decided to do it in style by going to Medieval Times with Kate too (who we met in Ottawa) so we were at a jousting competition just like camelot but came with a meal too, which like in character of the time we had to eat with our fingers. Kate couldn't stop laughing as I was greeted with "Welcome my lord" and we must have been the oldest kids in there! Pictures will probably end up on my website soon which so far has been left aside for a while now so I really must do that now that I have a lot of time on my hand now.

Thursday was goodbye for Kat and Kate as the pair left me in Toronto as they went on their 32 hours trip to Winnipeg, which apparently was okay so I may just stay in economy like they did and not get a bunk upgrade. Usual day at work really but passed out on my bed at 9ish and found out the night morning that Craig had been trying to get hold of me all night and didn't know my number had changed here in Wycik.

Friday was pretty stressful with the kids and we even cancelled the gym time with them as they were being little brats and not listening and just playing up, which was a shame as earlier I had spent some money on some stuff to use in some gaming activities.

Also met up with Andreas tonight [Friday] and went to some places for a few drinks and we bumped into Matty and said bye to him as he jets off to the Phillipines for 2 months for an internship so really I will see him when I get back from my travelling and before I fly back to England.

Now it is late and David has a busy day tomorrow...well today now as it is 3am here so goodnight.


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Summer Is Definately Here

Because David Got Sun Burnt ... Again

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Well again, I seem to have gone back to weekly reviews of David's life here in Toronto. Anyways so starting with me finally finishing at Ryerson University for the year now and really forever! Exam on Monday, which seemed to be okay, Tuesday's Cyberspace exam again went better than I thought and Thursday's GIS exam was even better, considering my prof can hardly speak a word of understandable English to an english guy... The Canadians may have understood her but I sure as hell didn't.

So away from the academics now and another fully loaded week here in Canada starting on Monday with an all nighter at Craig's playing NHL on his X-box and Louie kept telling me to go home and revise for my exam when really I had done so and was chilling for the rest of the night.

Tuesday was the re-start of my goodbyes after Carolyn left us on Sunday, as Rebecca and Tara both went home Tuesday night, luckily both of them live pretty close (well Tara is 2 hours on the train). Felt strange saying goodbye to people in res as really last year was not quite res and I chilled with my mates back home and saying bye to my mates back home is different because I'm coming back whereas these guy I won't see for a long time and the majority probably never again.

Wednesday was a long day with a day off uni and exams and just a day of chilling before heading to work. Well, before work I had to go to the ILLC and say bye to Michell who went back to Singapore that night. Was kinda sad as Michell (Mitch) was also one of the lads who always came out and had a good time and so on and it was just sad to watch him go.

Same old Wednesday at work with Taekwando with the kids as I sat outside and revised for my GIS exam [thursday] but then straight after work, Pam and I walked the kids home and then straight back to work for a meeting, which lasted 2 hours before we called it quits and still we hadn't really finished discussing what we were meant to be discussing so anyways off to the Ram I went to meet the third year Geos for their final meal as some of them are coming to England to study so I'm guessing that was why I was invited too because I knew Manchester and MMU etc, etc.

After that I went back to Wycik to chill at 11c with Jac, Dev, Claudio, Alex, Max, Leanna and the crew for a good few hours before calling it quits at 3am after Big Slice with Claudio. Then I got back to my place and realised I didn't know what time or where my exam was on Thursday so I raced to the laptop to check and luckily I had some sort of rest before my exam as it wasn't until 11:30.

Thursday finally finished at Ryerson after my exam and then lunch with Kat before planning her summer trip with her and getting all the hostels sorted etc and again before work. Came back after work to finish planning with Kat before getting mildly intoxicated with a bottle of wine along with Kat and Ivorie in Pitman.

Friday felt soooooooooo good as I had finished at Ryerson and the summer was mine now. Had a party at work as Li-Ming was leaving us to go out and find a teaching job but she decided to have a fiesta and everyone had spanish names (I was Rafael) and we had a spanish lesson plus a piñata. After walking the kids home, Pam and I walked back to work to meet the others as we went out to go to the Korean Grill House for a staff meal before Fynns for a party, which included lots of drinks and a 4 Vs 4 game of pool. Ended up walking Pam home as she got a little drunk, which was quite funny as she was telling me all these things to do in Nova Scotia and stuff that they do when drunk so seems like I will have a good time over there.

Saturday, was meant to go to the zoo with Mike, Louie and Dave but because of the night before...it didn't happen as I didn't wake up in time. However I did end up moving Kat's stuff out of Pitman with her and into Wycik as well as saying goodbye to Jess as Kat and I helped Jess and her dad to move some stuff down to their car before driving back to Buffalo.

Later that night, Kat and I hit the town with Karen and Ian starting at Wycik with some drinks before going to Piccadillys and then Gabbys for some drinks, music and dance. Good night really and I even got evicted to the sofa bed in the lounge (not really I offered her the bed and I stay in the lounge). Plus the sofa bed is nicer than the floor in the hostel Chris and I stayed at.

Sunday...wow a hot day in Toronto as Ian and I went to watch the Blue Jays with free tickets and man we had some good tickets. Right behind the play. Again almost got hit with the ball but instead of me, it hit the stands, bounced to the floor and bounced back into someone's face at quite a pace too before going behind him for someone else to catch. The game lasted 3 hours in the blistering heat and the roof was open at the stadium so yes guys, David got a little sun burnt on his fore arms and a little under the eyes. The mass amount of hair saved my neck and sides of my face, which was nice. If you are wondering about Kat, we had it covered. Karen came down to drop Ian off at mine but instead came down and chilled with Kat at Wycik to catch some rays on the rooftop. So after saying goodbye to Karen and Ian, Kat and I have pretty much just chilled at mine watching TV whilst slowly falling asleep and then being woken up by the phone in my room. Turned out to be Dunnie, Claire, Stacey and Carly and they decided to talk to me for a while and mounting up on Carly's phone bill.

Anyways back to the tv to chill nwo so catch you guys laters


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Summer Breeze

Finally Some Good Weather

sunny 25 °C


So we'll start on the 13th when I was at work for Devantay's birthday. Taking pictures of the whole thing when I passed my camera to Deb (another staff member) and just when I thought she had it, I let go and fell to the floor...shock horror... well actually it was shock horror when I took it to the camera shop to see about fixing it and when they came out with the estimate of around $160 then I realised it was time to bring out the minolta and stick some film in it again, which I haven't done for a while!

So after work it was time to finally go out with the geography students at Mick E Fynns for the final pub night of the academic year. So without a camera I was a little on the buggered side and I didn't want to take out my SLR as one its fairly big compared to my digital camera and two, if I put it down I wouldn't know if I would find it again or someone would walk out with it. So got talking to some students who are coming to Manchester for next year so yay got some Ryerson peeps coming back with me whoo! So I was telling them all about Manchester and so on and they seemed to be really pumped about coming here [Manchester], which was nice to see. Overall it was a good night with the Geos and some professors well Steve and Frank both of them are from England; Swales (Steve) is from Yorkshire and Frank is from good old Bolton so naturally they were drinking away and dancing on the dance floor with our lady Geos.

So it comes to Monday and exams started at 8am...not good! although by 10am I was done for the week. So all week it has been relaxing in the sun with some studying for my other exams (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday coming) and for the past 3 days its been sunny as ever and Kat got sun burnt and even without suncream I didn't burn at all...well I am a little coloured but nothing drastic as you guys back home know how bad I get.

Thursday the worse thing happened. My mobile phone broke!!! It fell out of my pocket onto the floor and broke the switch on button which I thought was strange as its fallen out of my pockets all the time so unfortunately I can't call anyone or anyone call me when I'm not at Wycik...bugger! So anyway...

...Friday (20th) was Mike's birthday so the guys headed out to Mick E Fynns for a night out playing pool which I can say that I was amazing for once with Sheel as we went 6 games unbeaten after everyone challenged us. Saturday was Rebecca's birthday so yet again headed out to District for a night out with Rebecca's friends from the ILLC and her RTA course and me (who is in neither ILLC or course group). Paid the bouncers $10 to skip the line up and an ID check but somehow didn't get us past the body searches and bag checks, which stupidly enough was on a set of stairs and not on the ground where it is safer too. So anyways come home around 3ish after walking back from the Entertainment District (ED) and then crawl straight back into bed.

Sunday comes and Mike, Louie and I planned to go to the zoo with Craig and Tash. Craig and Tash were in Pickering as the rest of us were downtown and we were going to leave at 12pm to get there for 1ish...2pm comes and Mike, Louie and I decide to call Craig to find out where he is...Too much of a hangover and he is just leaving with Tash so we decide to meet him in Scarborough where the zoo is pretty close to. Anyways we finally meet Craig at 3:40pm where it would be around 4 - 4:30 when we get there and the zoo closes at 6 so in the end we decided to go back home. Well Louie stayed at the ILLC while Craig, Tash, Mike and I decided to go to the beaches in Toronto, yes we do have them and lots of them.

So anyway sapart from soaking in the sun its been a pretty sweet week for me here in Toronto and now back to a week of hell with three exams in four days. I'm quite lucky compared to others but to make things worse this week starts with Carolyn back home as she has finished and moved back home, Mitch goes to Singapore on Wednesday, Rebecca and Tara move out on Tuesday, Craig leaves on Thursday, Mike and Louie go to New Market on Saturday and I'm here on my own! Well from ILLC anyway... I got another week with Kat in Québec which has been booked now, well just got to book the tickets after the exam on Monday or Tuesday so we got time to place two people on the train from here to Montréal, Québec and Ottawa for 8 days.

So almost done here at Ryerson University and really academically its been good but glad to have finished and socially, I've had the time of my life here and its going to be sad when everyone leaves.

So anyways early rise tomorrow for last minute studying before my exam at 3pm.


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So We Didn't Make It!

Leafs Lose Out To Play Offs

overcast 5 °C


Even after an amazing game from the Leafs against the Canadiens which saw the Leafs come from behind to win 6 - 5, which put us in a play-off position dependant on the Islanders score agains the Devils of New Jersey. So Islanders win and knock us out of play-offs so Craig, Tash, Myles, Mitchell and I were absolutely gutted. Oh well never mind maybe next year when I am not here.

Now in my final week at Ryerson University...for lectures anyway and now all my work is done and now all I have to do is get through my exams on the 16th, 23rd, 24th and 26th April and then my time at Ryerson has come to an end. Thinking about it, I don't know how to react to that as really this has been the best year ever and the people I have met along the way have just been amazing and made my time here in Toronto a blast. But soon they are all going to have to leave rez and go home leaving us exchange folk behind.

Craig had his final exam on Wednesday so we all went out to celebrate as this year is his graduation year so after a 6 year degree he finally finishes so you can imagine how drunk he got that night...well he could walk to the car from Hoops and walk into rez no problem but just didn't want to get up from the sofa when we got to his room.

Today I had of work (Thursday) as the water was shut off and its a safety hazard to have the kids there. So instead I went to Hernando's for the second exchange leavers party. Well a whole 15 of us showed up for free nachos and mexican snacks from 3:30pm - almost 7pm so good laughs with the guys.

Tomorrow is Devantay's birthday at work so we got a party to throw for him and then I got the Geos final pub night of the year at Mick E Fynns so that should be something to look forward to tomorrow...yay! This means a recovery day on Saturday whilst trying to revise for this exam on Monday over the weekend.

Anyways, it's getting late here and I want an early night for once so I'll catch you guys laters


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Sort Of Forgot About This!

-1 °C


Okay, so I haven't written on here for two weeks I have just realised...whoops! Silly me! Then again its the final countdown to those sumer final exams and the work load is mounting up here at Ryerson. Luckily for David, all I have left to do are my final assignments for Recreation Analysis and Environment & Resource Planning and then sit the exams (which don't start for another nine days).

So away from Ryerson for the moment. What's been new in the life of David over the past two weeks?

March 26th - Normal day at the Ram for live music with Don Campbell with cheap beer and wings. Started a small food fight with the nachos and sour cream dip and Louie ended up the ultimate victim with it all over his face and then Craig and I decided to stick nachos to Louie's face.

March 28th - Louie and I decide to chill at the Ram with Holley for some pool before heading off to Mick E Fynns to see Matty about his house party for the 30th. Craig, Louie, Tash, Holley, Mitch, John and I chill at Hoops later for free pool, ribs and beer (karaoke wasn't working...sigh...).

Night of March 28th (After Hoops) - Chilling in Craig's room until 3am before all deciding to go on a road trip to Niagara Falls to go gambling at one of the 24 hour casino resorts there. So at 5am we arrive in Niagara Fall, $120 later (between Tash, Craig and Mitch) and 3 double double coffees for David we were on our way back via breakfast at the Flying Saucer for 99c deal which for 4 of us (Craig, Tash, Mitch and I) ended up being $25. Arrived back in Toronto around 10am after traffic from Mississauga from around half 8ish. All good fun though

March 29th - Went straight to university to meet Kat to get our Recreation Analysis presentation off the ground until 3pm then legging it to work. Finished work at 6pm and then carried on working on my presentation until 2am before finally going to bed

March 30th - At the CNH gym with the Kids at work so Coach Dave got everyone invilved in a few games (including the staff) and then at night we had a house party at Matty's in Markham. Don't remember the trip home as I got slightly wasted and was throwing up for the last hour and as soon as I got off the bus at Wycik. Going there was good as the group of us at the back of the school bus were singing anything from Spice Girls to Oasis and B*Witched to Steps. Everyone loved it and started singing with us. The bus driver was an idiot and didn't know where he was going and we had to direct him at times after 2 or 3 U turns. Party was good until starting throwing up...whoops... Slept well that night when I hit the bed after a lot of water in my system. Good news was that Coralie got absolutely hammered too so both of us were having a laugh about it the next morning at our flat.

April 2nd - Again back at the Ram with Craig and Louie until the end and then chilling in ILLC and chasing after Craig as he was very drunk and running around with ketchup after giving me a wedgie and ripping my boxers quite badly (which wasn't nice and it hurt).

April 3rd - Toronto Mapleleafs on TV against Philly and what a game it was winning it in overtime with a shot to clinch the win for the Leafs. Craig, Tash, Mitch and I were on the edge of our seats right to the end. Then again chilled in ILLC all night.

April 4th - Karaoke night at Hoops via the Ram for food and one big happy family going there and back (Rebecca, Laura, Mitch, Craig, Louie, Sheel, Katie, Tara and I).

April 5th - Again the Leafs were on against the Islanders in a crucial match which we lost 2 - 5 and now depend on a good performance on Saturday (Tomorrow) to see them into the play-offs ahead of Montreal Canadiens. Chilled in Craig's room with Mitch, Mitchel, Dave, Louie, Mylo, Mike Craig and I until 5am playing NHL on the Xbox after the Leafs game.

So a very hectic couple of weeks socially too so better start winding down so I can get the best out of my time off uni for these exams, starting with me going to bed now.

Good night


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Moving On Up!

Well Down A Few Floors

sunny 6 °C


So I get back from work today and I get a letter from Neill Wycik! So wondering "what do they want now?" they have re assigned me for the last two months at Wycik to a few rooms directly below me...by the sounds of it into a newly renovated apartment! Score! Seems like I will be getting out the credit card forms again for you guys back home! Oh well! It is only one months rent as my deposit which was paid for with my application goes on to June 2007. Then end of June I'm out on the road for 8 weeks almost. I really can't wait! I'm debating on even staying another week if I can confirm that I can with Fly Zoom. I'm only debating so I can see a bit more of Canada before I go home this summer, so I might as well make the most of it whilst I am here.

Saturday night...well...amuzing! We played glow in the dark Canadian football in Kerr Hall Quad at 1:30am until 3am on the muddy field there. Was a good laugh and because no-one (but me) wanted to get muddy we decided to play two handed tag for stop of play instead of tackling. Well when 3am came it was only Tara, Sarah, Esterina and I left on the field, everyone else had gone home! So for 10 minutes those three tried tackling me to the ground but ended up me diving on the floor to make them feel better. Then, when I got up to chase Sarah because I think she said something but can't remember but anyways went to stand up and start to chase her and slipped and landed face first in the mud. So when they don't try to tackle I fall over yet when they do they can't move me!

So came back sore and tired I head a great nights sleep until I was woken up by the window cleaner at half 10 in the morning...I know not late but when you've been playing football til 3am, 10:30am is still early.

Apart from that not much to say really socially anyway!

Catch ya


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Top Of The Morning To You!

I Know A Week Later But Yeah...

rain 2 °C


So yeah, a week late on this one about good old St. Patrick's Day in Toronto but oh well! Been busy recently if not drinking on St. Pat's Day it has been the huge amount of work I have had from uni recently.

So anyways, the party started at 3pm for me with Sarah, Karen & Ian down at Six Steps Bar/Restaurant/Lounge. We were there because it was over an hours wait at both Irish Embassy (Pub) and PJ O'Briens. Good call really as it wasn't busy until about 5pm so by then the Guinness was filling up my system. So by six the four of us decided to go back to the LCBO for some supplies and then Sarah and I went back to Wycik for a bit to carry on drinking, whilst Karen and Ian went for some food.

So after a few Vodka and Orange and a trip to Macs for some supplies I was off to Pizza Pizza with Louie before drinking from about 9pm until 5am at his with the help of Johny, Gemma, Kat, Craig, Tara, Tash and everyone who decided to pop into Louie's room that night.

So a very good nights sleep when I got in and didn't see much of Sunday well I tell a lie I was awake by 10! I mean wide awake at 10am which really was strange for me.

Anyways, since then not much has been going on, work here and there, uni work and lots of Tim's hot chocolate for David...yummm...I must bring some home.

Anyways its late here and I have an exam in 12 hours! must get some sleep.

Good night


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